Icelandic Horses

One of the most beautiful breeds of horses can become the central theme of your interior design. The Icelandic horse is just how Iceland likes to perceive itself, little but strong! PRead morehotowall has an exquisite and gorgeous lineup of Icelandic horses posters that can give your walls real beauty, style and grace. The squat and muscular horses tend to be around only 140 centimeters tall. Most horse breeds shorter than 147 centimeters are dubbed "ponies" but there are also some other characteristics that make a horse a pony, with the Icelandic horse right on the limit. In winter they have long shaggy fur, which you can see plenty of in Icelandic horses posters. Another factor to having Icelandic horses posters in your domain is the trait of exclusivity. This horse has been purebred for over a thousand years! Once an Icelandic horse leaves the country of Iceland, it can never return. This also entails that Icelanders going to riding competitions abroad never take their best horse with them since they will probably sell it after some competitions. The best horses are kept in Iceland to compete or breed. This amazing fact alone makes having Icelandic horses posters in your interiors.

Strong history in Icelandic horses posters

The ancestors of the Icelandic Horse first arrived with Viking settlers from the British Isles, between 860 and 935 AD. These same horses are also the ancestors of Highland, Connemara and Shetland ponies, some of which are also present in horses posters by Photowall. The Icelandic horse has had about 1000 years to adapt to the Icelandic landscape and can now handle almost anything the Icelandic weather and nature throws at them, as you will see in Icelandic horses posters. Their unique fifth gait is apparently very convenient when traversing rocky, uneven ground. These beautiful creatures can appear in 42 different colour combinations, with more than a hundred variations! A select few of these wonderful alternatives can be seen in our sublime array of Icelandic horses posters. You can go dark like with "Two of a Kind" for more edge and character. There are also Icelandic horses posters of a lighter and more vibrant feel such as "Interplay". In both examples give, you can see as well the aforementioned incredible landscape of this unique country.

Symbolic value

This breed of horse has played a vital role in its home country from the very beginning. In heathen times, the horse was highly regarded and renowned in Norse mythology, playing a big part in their stories. Some of these images in Icelandic horses posters are the perfect representation of this, something that can be proudly displayed in the living room at home or the meeting room at the workplace. The horse is also often mentioned in the Icelandic Sagas as well, this time in the warfare of the Viking period. To a serious warrior a great horse was indispensable who were treated with much respect, and sometimes slain warriors would be buried alongside their mount. Another useful tidbit to share when people ask about Icelandic horses posters is that for centuries, the horse was the only means of transportation in Iceland.

The magic in Icelandic horses posters

Photowall's collection of Icelandic horses posters highlights the relationship between the majestic breed of semi-wild horses and the extreme environment that they live in. The landscape features snow-covered mountains, ferocious waterfalls, vast fields of grass, and so much more. The majestic horses stand, graze and gallop against the otherworldly backdrop in Icelandic horses posters. This incredible assortment captures snow-white and beautiful brown horses contrasting against the glacial blues and the dark shades of the sand and rocks of Iceland. "Flock of Icelandic Horses" is a perfect example of these things, a truly beautiful Icelandic horses poster that can transport you to a different world in an instant.
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