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This particular category by Photowall features and insect that is known by many different names. They are referred to as Ladybugs and Lady Beetles, but have decided to call this colleRead morection "Ladybirds posters". These critters are a rarity in the insect world because they are one of the few creepy crawlers we humans do not actively dislike, due to their habit of eating the things that destroy our crops. Nonetheless, you might be asking yourself why these tiny voracious beetles even have the word "lady" in their name. It turns out, the ladybug is not named for any particular female trait it possesses but rather, it is named for a specific lady, which the Virgin Mary. Has Ladybirds posters blown your mind yet? Although it is not precisely known why, but one of the leading theories is that the name came about as a result of the ladybug’s bright red shell, which is not too dissimilar from the red cloak Mary is often pictured wearing in biblical paintings. There is also an old European legend that states that farmers many hundreds of years ago prayed to the Virgin Mary asking for help to save them from the pests devouring their crops, and in return she sent a swarm of tiny beetles bearing her trademark coat to eat them! This anecdote alone makes Ladybirds posters worth it you have in your interior design.

The colours in Ladybirds posters

Ladybirds are colourful for a reason because their markings tell predators to back off. When threatened, these bugs will even secrete an oily, foul-tasting fluid from the joints in their legs! The wide palette of colour schemes they can offer also makes them a great decoration accessory in the form of these Ladybirds posters. Members of this species come in a wide range of hues, from ashy gray to dull brown to metallic blue. The one we are all familiar with, however, is the red ladybugs with black spots, which is the mainly featured in Ladybirds posters. This familiar sight is prominently showcased in Ladybirds posters like "Ladybird on Purple Hydrangea". A beautiful photograph that perfectly captures the grace and beauty we associate with these things can make for a tremendous wall decor in your chosen space. Whether it is a residential, like a living room, or corporate like the office, Ladybirds posters will provide you with charm, style and colour.

More facts

Surprisingly, there are about 5,000 different species of ladybugs in the whole world! In many cultures, they are considered good luck and people like them because they are pretty and graceful, just like our Ladybirds posters. Farmers love them because they eat aphids and other plant-eating pests. One Ladybird can eat up to 5,000 insects in its lifetime! The so-called Seven-spotted ladybugs are native to Europe but were even brought to North America in the mid-1900s to control aphid populations. You can decorate your interiors with Ladybirds posters and at the same time wow people with your extensive knowledge about these insects. Think of them not just as wall decor, but also educational tools.

Ladybirds posters around the world

As already discussed, the name of these bugs is linked to God because people believed them to be a gift from above. This is supported by the fact that almost every European country ended up coming up with a name for the beetle that linked it back to God or Mary. For example, in Germany, the word for ladybug is "Marienkäfer" which translates to "Mary’s Beetle". You can even see this in the Ladybirds poster named aptly "Marienkaefer". In France, one common name is "la bete a bon Dieu" which roughly translates to "God’s animal". These beautiful connotations make Ladybirds posters a vital component if you want to spruce up your interiors. Ladybirds posters will make the room look gorgeous but also give it a vibe of peace and love.
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