Add a splash of colour and say goodbye to dull days with our selection of parrots posters. Make your interiors fun and vibrant with these beautiful birds that immediately teleport youRead more to your own tropical paradise. Rich details and lush colours present themselves in every motif of the parrots posters array. Each parrots poster has a unique style that shows off the beauty of this stunning bird. Choose from a selection of gorgeous parrots posters, all in eye-catching colours and tremendous imagery. From lovebirds to cockatoos, the magnificent shades displaying all types of shades will brighten up your environment with exotic parrots posters. As per usual, all these pieces can be altered to fit your aesthetic, overall decoration, colour schemes and other decorative elements.

The popularity of parrots posters

One of the reasons that parrots make good pets is because they can imitate sounds, something which they are most known for. Unlike other birds which know their calls without being taught, parrots know by learning and learn by imitation. You can also use this as a great jump-off point when making conversation about your parrots posters, as it is proof of how interesting and characterful these birds are. Interestingly, parrots also imitate the calls of other animals which serves as a defense against predators like for example if a snake is approaching, they can imitate the call of a hawk, scaring the snake away. In homes, parrots can copy the sounds of a phone ringing, a vacuum cleaner humming, the doorbell chiming and so much more. Of course, they can imitate human speech too. Imagine the scenario of having a top-notch parrots poster from Photowall while having a parrot as a pet. "Cockatoo Paradise - Anthracite and Aquatic", for example, would certainly trigger a response, not just from a bird, but especially from your family, friends and visitors. This motif in parrots posters is very striking and appealing, highlighting this amazing fowl in all its glory, with wonderfully contrasting colours that make a room pop immediately.

The main act

It is always useful and interesting to know more about the theme featured in your interior design. Parrots are colourful birds that are found all over the world. Those that are native to South America, Central America and Mexico are called New World parrots while the ones in Asia, Africa and Australia are Old World parrots. There are more than 300 species in the world today, though sadly, some of them are endangered, something which can also be a factor in your choosing of a parrots poster. As these are very intriguing and captivating images, a well-placed parrots poster in the home, or office, can stir interest and generate conversation, something which is very important in raising awareness and thus aiding conservation of these wonderfully charming fowls. "Tropical Harmony" is an incredible example of this, showing the parrot in its full beauty surrounded by other charming critters. The lovely colours of this parrots poster can look good wherever you choose to put it.

History in parrots posters

Parrots were first kept as pets by ancient Egyptians and then by Indians and Chinese. They were brought to Europe to be kept as exotic souvenir for the rich or the nobility. Famous people who have owned pet parrots include Aristotle, King Henry VIII, Marco Polo, Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria, Teddy Roosevelt and so many more. You can join this exclusive lineup in some way by getting yourself a high-quality parrots poster for your own four walls. "Indigo Parrot 1" can be the focal point, and would have certainly delighted those aforementioned historical figures as well, bringing a classy touch into the home or office.
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