Birds of Prey

When we hear the term birds of prey, most of our minds immediately jump to the majestic eagle. Even though he might be considered the most prominent of preying birds, Photowall also hRead moreas other options in their birds of prey posters array, where skilled and elegant predators of the sky such as owls, hawks and even vultures are present as well. You can pick a favorite of these magnificent fowls when selecting your birds of prey posters for the recreational, residential or even commercial space you are intending to beautify. Any type of space would benefit from the style, grace and character these motifs can bring. There are ferocious, real life photographs that will practically let you hear the swooshing of their wings, but also birds of prey posters in the form of artworks that will make your jaw drop. As per usual, these items can be altered to match, or contrast, with your existing interior design, colour schemes, and so on.

Birds of prey posters for the win

Nature is wonderful way to add the beauty into your home, office or even just the hangout spot. The appealing thing about nature-related decor such as birds of prey posters is that it is filled with earthy colours that can help in creating a relaxing and calming environment. These motifs can really transform how a space looks and feels, as well as acting as a friendly reminder for you to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors whenever possible. Birds of prey posters are ideal for city dwellers as these will help them to become closer to nature. Whether you choose birds of prey featuring the magnificent eagle or the wise owl, your wall decor will surely be upgraded and improved. These designs can also serve as a learning tool for the little ones as you can use them to teach the kids about these magnificent birds and their importance to the ecosystems we live in. One of the most stunning items in our birds of prey posters arsenal is the motif titled "Herd of Elephants and Vultures at Sunrise". It portrays an eternal and opulent scene of vultures in harmony with the sun rising up and a herd of elephants passing by in a neighbourly fashion. It is a birds of prey poster that will truly change the entire ambiance in a room.

Halt, who goes there?

One of the most intriguing birds that easily captures the attention and curiosity of birders is the owl. The same goes for our category of birds of prey posters. Contrary to popular belief, they cannot rotate their necks 360, but rather a "mere" 270 degrees. A blood-pooling system collects blood to power their brains and eyes when neck movement cuts off circulation. There are many fun factoids about owls, like that a group of owls is called a parliament! This originates from C.S. Lewis’ description of a meeting of owls in "The Chronicles of Narnia". You can also see why they have inspired so many characters in popular culture in birds of prey posters like "Great Grey Owl". This truly stunning birds of prey poster can make any room seem more magical and spacious.

The main act in birds of prey posters

As already hinted at, eagles are admired the world over as the ultimate bird of prey. They are living and breathing symbols of power and freedom in many cultures. Those who count it among their favorite animals in the world will be delighted with Photowall's birds of prey posters. Not only are they some of the largest birds, but also at the top of the food chain, with some of their species feeding on big prey like monkeys and sloths. Their amazing eyesight can detect prey up to three kilometers away and they are all carnivorous and live on a diet of meat and/or fish. Birds of prey posters like "The Judge" and "Dawns Early Flight" capture the majesty and beauty of this flying creature, and there is plenty more where that came from.
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