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Photowall and Acne JR in exclusive wall mural collaboration

Photowall and Acne JR in exclusive wall mural collaboration

Photowall is proud to present Trompe l’œil, a wall mural collection designed by Acne JR of Sweden. The collection plays with well-known patterns in a new graphical style – all with Acne JR’s familiar design style.Plump clouds, austerely graphical brick walls and the charming teddy bear Chester. When Photowall and Acne JR create wall murals together, the result is innovative creation and sweet graphical music.The design duo behind Acne JR – Mats Johansson and Sofia Ekvall – have designed the collection from the perspective of play and children, with function as the guiding principle. This is always the point of departure for Acne JR’s products, whether toys or wall murals.“We started by looking at different building materials, and at the room as a physical space. The basic idea was to see if we could use the wallpaper panels as building blocks, and that people could use them to build up an entire, unique environment from their own imagination. We also looked at a lot of classic ‘trompe l’oeil’ – the Tegel design is an example of this. It’s the most iconic motif in the collection – and the most obvious play on the physical wall,” says Sofia Ekvall.Trompe l’œil is exclusive to Photowall and comprises five designs – Bambu, Tegel, Kubik, Cumulus and Chester – all in different colour schemes. The designs are available for £35 per square metre. The interior photos were styled by Susanna Vento and taken by Unto Rautio.

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