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    Get the perfect light in your room with smart light

    What is a smart light

    Lighting is the application of light to achieve aesthetic or practical effects. Among the types of lighting are task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting. Task lighting is usually used for examinations or operations for medicine, but it can also be used at home for certain activities like reading and sewing. Accent lighting is used to highlight an object, at home it can be used to highlight your beautiful wall murals or paintings. Smart lighting is a technology designed for energy efficiency. It includes efficient fixtures and automated controls that adjusts based on various conditions such as occupancy of the room or activities during daylight.

    Smart lighting is the ideal way to minimize and save light by allowing the homeowner to remotely control the light. This is an effective way to save energy and provide comfort and convenience to the homeowner. Smart lighting utilize natural light, artificial lighting and the concept of turning off lighting when the occupant leaves the room.

    Smart light can make lighting perfect in the rooms

    There are many good reasons why smart lighting is perfect for your home. Smart light is the perfect choice if you are looking to revolutionize the lighting system of your home. Another good thing about this is that the price is not that what we expect as they become more affordable. In addition to these, smart lighting can set the mood in the room and make it calming and soothing, which is best after a stressful day.

    When it comes to energy consumption, smart light is considered to be energy efficient. Statistically, 19% of energy use in the world is used for lighting, and about 6% of greenhouse emissions in the world is likewise from lighting. Smart lighting enables the minimal consumption of energy as it has features that can be controlled remotely and automatically.

    What you need for smart lighting

    Usually, smart lighting uses a mesh networking wherein each smart bulb wirelessly connects to its nearest neighbor. This network is basically controlled by a hub that plugs into the router which enables other networked devices to communicate with the bulbs. Smart lighting system can also be added with accessories such as dimmer switches or motion sensors.

    Aside from being controlled with smartphone or tablet, smart light such as the Philip’s Hue works well with Apple’s HomeKit, Amazon’s Echo and Google Home.

    There are three kinds of bulbs that you will be needing to set up your smart light system: standard bulbs, candle bulbs and spotlights. Standard bulbs come with bayonet fittings; candle bulbs with small screw fittings and spotlight bulbs are commonly GU!) spotlight fittings.

    The bulbs are LED which requires less power as compared with the conventional lighting system. Smart light bulbs only require about 9.5W or 5.5W for spotlight and candle bulbs.

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