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    Interior inspiration: how to make your small space chic

    Maximising a small space with a few visual adjustments can transform the look and feel of your home. Interior design methods such as space-saving techniques and optical illusions are all simple tricks that will make your small space chic.

    Let’s take a look at some simple tricks that will enhance the design of your small space.

    Bright and beautiful

    The use of light hues can help give the illusion of a larger room – neutral shades such as whites, greys and pastels reflect the most light and will give your room an airy feel. Light-absorbing dark tones create a cosy feeling, but should be used wisely in a small space. Moody shades of blue and brass features are a key interior trend this season – introduce these accents into your room to add some trend-setting colour depth. Flies by Mia Overgaard is the perfect print for a small space and looks stunning paired with blue.

    Raise the roof
    Channelling trompe l'oeil techniques, you can completely open up your space. Try wallpapering your ceiling to make your room appear taller. Dramatic patterns with small prints can create the illusion of greater interior space while adding beautiful touches of colour to your room. Photowall’s stunning
    Soft Triangles wall mural design is the perfect example pattern to emphasise the depth of your room.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    Create the illusion of greater space by using mirrors to add the feeling of depth to your home. Use mirrors as wall art and accessorise using different designs and colours – gilded mirrors echo the metallic trend beautifully. Position the mirrors where they are likely to project the most light around your room. Gallery walls are set to stay as a huge interior trend, so use this as inspiration and arrange your mismatched mirrors on your wall.

    Use multifunctional pieces
    Furniture that can be used for other functions helps free-up precious interior space. Sideboards that are bookshelves, side tables that are drinks cabinets and coffee tables with additional storage are all great examples of how furniture can be used for different purposes. Furniture is also a key feature in your living space. You can turn your ordinary furnishings into masterpieces by using beautifully designed wall murals to liven up your chairs or shelves. Photowall’s Jungle Love looks stunning paired with mid-century furniture – add the wall mural to some cabinet doors to give it a total revamp.

    Shine bright
    Natural lighting is a key element of making the most of your space. Thick, heavy curtains can often block out the natural light needed to make your space look larger – try using blinds as an alternative – these block very little light, visually increasing the size of your space. Avoid harsh down-lighting as this keeps all the light in one space, so having floor and table lamps dotted around will ensure the light is spread around your room.

    How have you made your small space look chic?

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