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How to create an island adventure in your children’s room

Let your children’s imaginations leap into their most treasured spaces and transform their room into something truly magical. If you’re planning to redecorate or renovate, starting with your children’s bedroom can help to unlock your interior creativity throughout the rest of your home. Here we explore how to make your children’s space amazing using an island adventure theme that can be easily adapted for your home:

Shade rave

Vibrant shades play an important part of creating a room that looks and feels like a jungle. Add in lush shades of green and colourful animal wallpaper to really give the feeling of wilderness. The bolder the pattern, the bigger the statement, and the introduction of a daring feature wall will add to the excitement.

Anna Ekre – Jungle Love

Wild at heart

Choose your children’s favourite animals and feature them in their room – from tigers to elephants and creatures as tiny as frogs, the Photowall collection of animal wall murals will be the perfect introduction to your child’s room. If you’re not entirely sure whether to commit to an entire animal-based wallpaper, scatter some animal figurines or soft toys around the room to continue that playful element.

Prop pops

Whether it’s the shape of the bed or simple cues that evoke the feeling of an island adventure – there are a whole host of things you can add into your child’s room to give it that extra something. If your children are pirate-obsessed, throw in nautical accents and channel red, white and blue hues to remind your child of maritime musings.

Galapagos green by Mini Empire

Store more

From bunk beds with under-bed storage and cool toy boxes to quirky shelving solutions, keeping your belongings stored away beautifully has never been easier.Get creative and work out the best ways to store your stuff based on the size of the room to utilise the most of the space – whether it’s floating shelves or a themed toy box, your child’s bedroom style can play a huge part in how you store their belongings.

Wall art collage

Fancy filling a blank wall but not interested in wallpapering? Have some family fun and create a wall art collage on your children’s bedroom wall. Whether you choose to stick to an adventure island theme or venture off into something entirely different, let your creativity shine through. The Photowall wall murals are a fantastic option if you want to make different shapes using textures and colour.

Fancy some more interior inspiration? Then check out the latest children’s wallpaper collection by Cathy Nordström. This striking collection brings together youthful graphics inspired by the beauty of the world around you. 

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