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    How to reimagine the forgotten corners of your home

    Beautifying a corner space can be a tricky situation, and making the right choice in the relation to the rest of your room can often showcase interior anomalies. Simple decorative additions and minimal details can create a captivating corner makeover, but choosing what to do in the corner of your room really depends on the layout and interior theme. There are times when a space looks perfectly balanced without the inclusion of any kind of corner details, while other homes benefit hugely from a corner update.

    Here we explore what interior ideas you can use in the corners of your home that need a little love.

    Cosy nooks

    If your living space area is limited, then consider utilising the most of your room by introducing functional décor solutions. Comfy accent chairs work beautifully in living rooms, and side tables with statement lamps are a great option for hallways or areas to introduce some light. While a combination of all these things look fabulous in larger living spaces, you can create the ultimate spot for relaxation with a fabric chair and ottoman, and style it up with a printed throw to add interesting textures to your interior space.

    Striking shelving

    Brighten up your corners and utilise your vertical space with shelving. Bookworms can proudly display their favourite books while ornament lovers can showcase the best of their trinket collection. If you’re a self-proclaimed minimalist, opt for closed cabinets to keep the clutter at bay, or take the ‘less is more’ approach by featuring a select few decorative items on your shelving.

    Alternative features

    There’s nothing quite like the allure of a glowing wood burner – an interior focal point for many. With the ability to tie together different parts of the home so beautifully, it’s really no surprise that they’re a regular fixture on many people’s home wish lists. Introducing a corner wood burner to your home can really brighten up a space and give a whole new feeling in your room. It works well for rooms that are slightly misshapen and rectangular in length to help restore a feeling of balance to your space.

    Colorform Monogreen by Fine Little Day 

    Corner furniture 

    Utilising every part of your home can help make the most of your available space, and corner furniture is a great option if that space is limited. Consider adding to your storage with corner cabinets and sideboards - these are great if cabinet space is limited in your kitchen. Channel the shabby chic trend and display mismatched china on your sideboard, or disguise your entertainment area with a corner cabinet to house your TV.

    How will you be reimagining the forgotten corners of your home?

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