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Click and drag the motif to the part you want to keep. What ends up outside of the square will be cropped off. If you are already satisfied with the cropping, click here.

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Hanging Around - Grey Pink

The lovely leafage of this Hanging Around - Grey Pink Wallpaper is elaborate and feminine but far from overbearing. You will admire the taupe rose leaves that will seem like they are dangling from your ceiling. They are filled with little birds flying through and resting on the delicate twigs of the leaves. Despite all its leafy foliage and dainty creatures— the pale and soft shades of its botanical design and the cotton-colored background will keep your interior design pleasing to the eyes and calming to the mind.

Rest or play with the Hanging Around - Grey Pink Wallpaper

This nature-inspired décor has graceful designs and painted textures that are perfect for resting. Indeed, rosy brown and soft pink are perfect hues for creating a fairytale vibe without making your room too extreme. Further, this contemporary art's quiet and calm watercolor shades will make your space feel lighthearted. Nevertheless, it still achieves a whimsical ambiance that is perfect for your child’s bedroom, playroom, and nursery. Just like a garden, the Hanging Around - Grey Pink Wallpaper creates a place that inspires creativity and happiness, perfect for role-playing ideas for kids. Yet, its versatile beauty makes it look incredible in almost any area in your residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

Room inspirations for a feminine, restful, or whimsical vibe

Botanical prints, combined with calm taupe colors and delicate designs, are ideal for creating a feminine but restful office or home design. A look that looks perfect for these themes is the cozy boho interior design. To achieve this incredible interior style, incorporate gorgeous indoor plants, feather accessories, and natural materials. The appearance and style of this leaf wallpaper also look stunning with earthy accessories, cream shades, and comfortable furniture. Install this botanical décor to your bedroom to express your feminine side, your living room to create a picturesque setting, and your bathroom for a relaxing but stylish atmosphere. The Leaf prints of this home décor are also suitable for any dining room and leisure area.

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Wallpaper (also available as canvas print, poster)
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