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Typographical Maps

The renowned charm of typography can now be the focal point of your residential, corporate or recreational interior decoration. From a vibrant painting of the global landscape to thRead moree stunning locations in the United States of America, Photowall offers something for any personal taste and interior style. The endearing, slightly quirky typographical maps framed prints feature many countries and cities creating beautiful patterns with their unique designs. For those who prefer a more unique look and feel, there are also typographical maps framed prints of different Scandinavian cities, which can add an urban vibe to the home or office room. All these motifs can be altered to suit or contrast with your existing interior design, various colour schemes and the overall aesthetic.

The basics of typographical maps framed prints

There are a couple of elements that are vital to typography. First and foremost is the combined components named typeface and fonts. A typeface is a family of related fonts, while fonts refer to the weights, widths and styles that constitute a typeface. Contrast is another vital factor since it helps to convey which ideas or message to be emphasized to the readers. You will see plenty of this in typographical maps framed prints. Another important thing to consider when using these items is consistency, as it the key to avoiding a confusing and messy interface. In typographical maps framed prints, take note of white space. This is the area around text or graphics which also affects typographical hierarchy. These two combine to aim at creating a clear distinction between prominent pieces that should be noticed and read first, and standard text copy. As you will also see in typographical maps framed prints, colour is one of the most exciting elements because this is where you can really get creative and elevate the interior design to a whole new level.

Child's delight

Photowall's typographical maps framed prints category offers a lot of items that are highly recommended for children's or kids' rooms. Animated, educational and gorgeous, these motifs will make their spaces even more lively, fun and interesting. Geography is not always a popular subject among the younger folks, but it is so important especially in these global times. Have typographical maps framed print that can teach your child, or children, the different parts of the world and it will make them more curious for learning and expanding their own horizons. Typographic Text World Map is a concrete example of this, but perhaps something more for the older kids or even teenagers. Crazy World is a typographical maps framed print that could entertain and please the younger children, making them invested in the fascinating subject of geography and the whole world.

Typographical maps framed prints and its benefits

Since we cannot always go on that trip abroad that we want, these typographical maps framed prints are a fun way to add some style to your décor and take a trip around the world. Paintings of either the whole world or specific countries, with their respective cities and nations printed across them in creative typography are eye-catching, visually appealing and elegant. Typography is essentially the art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the copy legible, clear and visually appealing to the reader. This involves font style, appearance and structure, which is intended to elicit certain emotions and convey specific messages. To make a long story short and concise, typography is what brings the text to life. Typographical maps framed prints by Photowall will do the same for your room. Whether it is the home, office or any other space you wish to revamp, these motifs are the ideal decoration tool at your disposal.
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