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Wild at Heart 4 - Framed print - Kitchen




Having a very universal and eternal theme that takes up a lot of time and effort for human beings is food, since every single person has a need and right to proper nutrition. With tRead morehis in mind, Photowall has put together a superbly selected lineup of food framed prints from the food & drink category. These top-grade and uncommon motifs are not just meant for the kitchen or the dining room, but are certain to bring life and freshness into any room they are displayed in. Food framed prints can generate interest, intrigue and enthusiasm into any residential space, office room or recreational zone. As always, you can adjust your selected items to match or contrast with your existing interior design and colour schemes.

A new world with food framed prints

The most commonly purchased organic foods are fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. Nowadays, there are also many processed organic products available, such as sodas, cookies and breakfast cereals. However, let us focus on the former, as these are the most associated with the term organic food, as well as the most populous item in the food framed prints selection. Fruits are colourful, sumptuous and generally attractive. No wonder they have been a staple in humankind's diet for the longest of times. This goes the same for berries and nuts. All berries are fruit, but not all fruit are berries. Botanically, a fruit is the ripened ovary of a flowering plant with its accompanying tissue. Some fruits are hard, some soft, some fibrous. Juicy Fruits is a fine example of a food framed print that depicts a very popular topic in the modern world, the world of organic food. As we continually seek means to make the planet healthier, as well as ourselves, this food framed print can shed a light on an interesting and stimulating subject.

Happy eating

To make your selection process of a food framed print even more fun and easy, Photowall has conveniently divided this category into a couple of smaller tiers. These are namely Fruit, Healthy Eating, Meat & Fish, Types Of Food and Vegetable. Each of these groups can boast of appealing and interesting motifs that will delight not just the eyes, but even the soul. In fruits you can dive even deeper and get more specific by choosing from the following levels, Apple, Banana, Berry Fruit, Citrus Fruit and Pear. Healthy Eating is especially appealing these days as more and more people switch to more environmental friendly diets. Food framed prints are not just about the enjoyment but also about our roles in society. These wonderful images are for decoration but at the same time also for reflection. Nonetheless, if you are more artistically inclined, perhaps something like Wild at Heart 4 is the food framed print for you. It has a lot of style and will immediately draw the eyes towards this unique view.

Food framed prints for all ages

This lineup of food framed prints is also ideal for children, as they are affable and child-friendly. When you are trying to steer your child toward better food choices, it can be tempting to focus merely on the stereotypical breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, but snacks can have a big impact too! Aside from helping the kids make better choices throughout the day by packing their bags with snacks that provide vitamins and minerals, you engage them with food framed prints to remind them of that thought daily or whenever they set eyes upon these images. Children also want to be included in the process, more often than not. This is where food framed prints such as Kivik Apple and Pear - White can play a vital role, showing them that nutrition does not have to just be a necessity, but also a fun activity. This piece depicts some cute and affable figures working together to make a sumptuous meal for everyone.

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