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Back to the Future - Framed print - Living Room



Film and Tv

With Film and TV framed prints by Photowall, you can now easily bring your most beloved flicks and characters into the home, a recreational space or even your place of work. This woRead morenderful collection of motifs are guaranteed to make your interiors look great and in some instances nostalgic, but also generate enough conversation and visual dynamism to bring up the energy levels. Furthermore, these items also carry with them a historic and deeper meaning, which will transform your room into something quite extraordinary. Film and TV framed prints can be for the whole family, for children, for adults only, and so on. Feel free to make your own adjustments to this amazing lineup, in order for you to match or contrast with your already existing interior design and colour schemes.

The diversity in Film and TV framed prints

Every room in the house, or office space, deserves an upgrade to make it more attractive, inviting and comfortable. With Photowall placing such enormous value on variety, it is no surprise that Film and TV framed prints contain a huge number of sucategories, each with their individual charm and motifs that will blow you away. Every genre of film is present in this stunning collection. There is Action & Adventure, Actors & Actresses, Animation, Biographies, Classics, Comedy, Crime, Cult, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Fictional Characters, Film-Noir, Horror, Musical, Mystery & Detective, Romance, Science Fiction, Silent Films, Sport Films, Thrillers, Vintage Films, War and Westerns. These items are absolutely the ones that you need and want to create that real theater atmosphere within your very own walls. Film and TV framed prints will bring you back to the times when you watched the films with your loved ones or just a memorable movie experience in the real world. Acquiring these precious motifs will bring back precious memories and perhaps create new ones. With this type of variety, you are guaranteed to find the right fit in terms of visuals, but also emotional resonance.

Think of the kids

In the animation section of Film and TV framed prints, there is also a wide array of drawn characters and figures, with the most prominent motifs coming from Studio Ghibli, the animation house set up by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata in 1985. There is Castle in the Sky, from the movie of the same name, which has a quirky vibe to it and a hit of the exotic with its Japanese letters. However, the more known and present Film and TV framed prints come in the form of these two films, My Neighbor Totoro and Grave Of The Fireflies. While the former is bright, tender and upbeat, the latter is bleak and harsh. Although worlds apart in their tone and styles, these two animated masterpieces have more in common than initially apparent. With Film and TV framed prints like My Neighbor Totoro or Grave of the Fireflies, you do not only bring tremendous beauty into your space, but also nostalgia and a great subject for conversation. Not to mention, your geek and cinephile credits will shoot through the roof.

Film and TV framed prints' icons

One of the very first things that spring to mind when you hear or read about the movies and television are the people who portray the characters on the screen. This is why we have amassed so many top-notch images of legendary actors and actresses in our Film and TV framed prints. Whether you prefer real-life photographs or artistic renderings, we have all the silver screen legends represented in both. The men might like The Outlaw Josey Wales - Color in their man-cave or office, a very cool picture of the one and only Clint Eastwood in full cowboy mode. Meanwhile the women could favor a work of art named Girl Next Door, which shows the solitary Audrey Hepburn in an imaginative collage of clippings, stickers and printed materials. Either way, Film and TV framed prints has all the legends in one place to fulfill your stylistic and idolizing needs.

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