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Amber Dahlia - Framed print - Kitchen



Yellow framed prints

The colour of the sun is something that spreads warmth, joy and happiness. Feel inspired, energetic, playful, lively, spontaneous and stimulated with yellow framed prints by PhotowallRead more. There are studies that say communication, concentration and metabolism are enhanced when having yellow pieces in your interior decoration. The advantage of having yellow framed prints in your home, office or any other space, is the colour's versatility. Yellow decor can be strong or soft, and combined with more base colours than many people realise. Although there are cultural differences in terms of what colours symbolise, it is hard not to see yellow as an invigorating colour that makes you happy. If you are the kind of person who wants to stand out among the crowd, yellow framed prints are your thing.

First impression with yellow framed prints

Yellow is a colour that sends positive signals and fills your space with joy from wall to wall. Since it also is a colour that reflects a lot of light, you want your focal point to be ideally something people first see upon entering your area. The exact amount of light in your room will depend upon the shade of yellow framed prints you choose. In a room without windows or with only small windows, a strong yellow framed print can make the room feel larger and better lit. This makes it fabulous for hallways and other small rooms, for example. Golden Swan Lake can be the striking piece that welcomes people into your abode. For a subtler but nonetheless impressive approach, maybe you want The Angel of the Annunciation - Simone Martini as a yellow framed print that can up the ante when it comes to decorating your office's foyer.

A sunny disposition

With Photowall's yellow framed prints, you can make your home a place where the sun always shines. Moderation is also important to consider as yellow is one of those colours that does not simply fade into the background. Entirely yellow walls, for example, can make people feel uneasy, overwhelmed or out of balance. The colour is at its best as an accent in styling details like cushions, throws and yellow framed prints. Furthermore, this category has many affable motifs that are child-friendly and charming. Surprise the kids with a colourful pattern like Lioness Cubs. This yellow framed print shows a beautiful family of lions in one gorgeous scene. It can revitalize any child's bedroom, study area or play space. For toddlers, and even infants, choose something like Birdforest - Yellow and Pink. A yellow framed print of charm and character, this particular piece combines the joyful vibe yellow gives off with creatures that are often favorites among the young ones.

More yellow framed prints tips

In more mature areas, yellow framed prints can act as a reflection of your personality and tastes. Paris at Sunset is a gorgeous motif that can show off your love of traveling and geography. Narrow Alley of Stockholm Old Town is another yellow framed print that can mirror this aspect of your character. The film lovers also have their fair share of images in this particular category by Photowall. Spruce up your interiors with pieces such as Pale Rider, headed by the legend that is Clint Eastwood. A yellow framed print like this can be the ideal focal point in a home office or even the break room at workplace. For an even more artsy feel, try something along the lines of Jazz Days Berlin - Yellow or Yellow Lip. These types of yellow framed prints immediately catch the eye and can provide your interiors with more context and depth, making the room more interesting and appealing.

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