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White framed prints

Working with white framed prints by Photowall is a stylish and smart choice for your room, since it is seen as a positive colour and associated with light, generosity, hope and peace.Read more Even though white is one of the most common colours used in decoration, because you can use it to contrast with coloured elements, we have plenty many unique and solitary designs that can make you stand out from the rest. White framed prints can also signify a new beginning, which is appropriate and spot on if you are revamping a space or decorating a new room. Since white reflects light so well, usually about ninety percent of sunlight, you can also make the most use of whatever source you have. As per usual, you can adjust these white framed prints to match or contrast with your existing interior design, colour schemes, furniture and other decorative details that you might choose to utilise.

Tips for using white framed prints

In the Western world, especially in Christian areas, white symbolises purity and innocence. The important thing in this case, however, is what you think about the colour and what it means to you. You should choose colours and motifs that symbolise your beliefs and what you stand for. White framed prints can be combined with as many styling details as you want, and with as many designs as there are interior designers! White is so neutral that it goes with almost anything. To really pull the room together, you should look at the details of the white framed prints' pattern and see if you can find a styling detail that accentuates it. For instance, if you were to choose a white framed print such as Aspen Forest, you could accentuate it with a stool made from wood or even something as simple as some twigs in a vase.

Light for energy

Having at least one bright room in the home is important to many people. Most of us simply want a place where they feel energized and where the light can give off a real boost. This is especially important when it is dark outside, like say during the winter or fall seasons. A bright room such as this does not have to be sterile and look boring like a hospital, far from it. A white framed print to dispel this notion is White Forest, a beautiful wintery scene that can bring calm and serenity into a space. For an even more fashionable motif, you can pick something along the lines of Suprematism is all Around. This type of white framed print can enhance the ambiance in an interior in an instant.

White framed prints and its effects

White framed prints by Photowall give you a perfect tool that is neutral but also visually appealing. Furthermore, it will aid you, if you wish so, in drawing the focus onto the other features of the room. White framed prints are usually shaded, where you will get a warm feel if you have an image with a hint of red to it, or a cooler vibe with a touch of blue. It is also perceived differently depending on the time of day. Beautiful Jasmine, for example, has a touch of green in it, which makes this white framed print give off a fresh response and also a touch of nature into your chosen interior.

Enhancing the interior design

Once we know that all the light in a room will be reflected off a white surface, we can control the light in a way that it creates harmony. You should always consider the source of the light when styling a room, especially when decorating with white framed prints. If there is too much light coming from all directions in a room, it is easy for the room to feel flat and sterile. The room’s dynamic comes from the interplay of light and shade. You cannot go wrong with white framed prints paired with dark furniture and the right lighting. Just take for instance the item entitled Illusion of Power (13 horse power though) and imagine it alongside a maroon sofa or wooden pieces. White framed prints like these will make the room pop!

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