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Blue framed prints

When it comes to decorating with colours, and especially when you have a particular hue as your central theme, it is very important to keep in mind what other tones can complement it.Read more Photowall has a superb collection of magical, appealing and peaceful blue framed prints. This is also one of the most versatile colours in that it can mix and match with almost any other colour. A concrete example is orange, which blue is located across from on the well-known colour circle. The unusual contrast between these two colours means they are completely complementary. Orange is a very strong colour on its own, so it is not best as the main colour in a room, but a sky-blue wall mural as an accent wall with strategically placed orange details brings vibrant delight to any space you want to transform. This is just one of the samples of how you can use blue framed prints to make your room pop.

Tranquility with blue framed prints

A beautiful sky and a calm sea are two things that truly grant the soul and the senses well-needed relief from a hectic life. Thus it is not surprising that sea and sky blues are some of the most common colours for bedrooms, family rooms and even the bath. In the discipline of Feng Shui, for example, blue is the colour that conveys a harmonious, calming energy, which in turn contributes to inner relaxation and spiritual healing. Using blue framed prints in this context can bring that same serenity to the space you have chosen. Having something like Blue Waters in your home, office or recreational space can make all the difference.

A universal favourite

All around the world, blue is often mentioned as being people’s favourite colour. Blue in nature, particularly, has numerous positive associations, which also makes it the ideal pick for your interior design. The soothing effect of blue rooms is proof of that. Studies have also shown that the colour alleviates insomnia when used as primary hue in an interior decoration, making blue framed prints the perfect accessory. Take for instance the lovely motif named Coral Beach with Palm Tree, a superb view of one of nature's best assets. Throw in some green plants to make your bedroom even more natural. This combination of an element of nature and a gorgeous blue framed print is not just stylish but also mentally enticing.

Blue framed prints' flexibility

As already mentioned, not only does blue look incredible as the primary colour in a room, it also works well when combined with many other secondary colours. Blue framed prints are a smart move if you are the type who likes variety and change, but still prefers a little colour on your walls. You do not need to overcomplicate things to give your room a facelift. Create a powerful impression with orange styling details to go along with your blue framed prints, or give the room a harmonious feel by adding green houseplants and lots of white details to go with the blue framed prints. You are sure to have any number of ideas for how to match blue framed prints with other vibrant or subtle tones.

A short history lesson

A very interesting fact is that blue was anything but a common colour in the old days. The colour blue was initially produced by crushing a mineral called Lapis Lazuli. It was so rare that it cost as much as gold! It was not until the late nineteenth century that we started producing synthetic blue colours, making them affordable. Nowadays, you can equip your space with blue framed prints easy peasy. Daytime Flow can remind you that nature is powerful, and that history has forged for us this superb colour. These blue framed prints are in some way even a remnant of how far we have come as humans.

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