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Variegated Dots - Framed print - Kids Room




If you are looking for a charming and wholesome wall decoration for your children’s bedroom but worried about how they will react, you can go no wrong with entertainment framed printsRead more from Photowall's children category. These cute and animated motifs inspired by comic arts, film and TV shows will surely be appreciated and adored by your child. With Photowall's brilliant lineup of entertainment framed prints for children, you can equip their personal space with character and beauty quickly and in style. This category was made specifically by thinking of what the kids, and even the kids at heart, will love.

Engaging patterns

It is not uncommon for people to use central themes in decoration that are inspired by fictional characters to display in their homes, offices or recreational spaces. If you love a certain figure, seeing it displayed in your space can be a great help in relaxing and relieving stress, as well as entertaining. By merely looking at them, we are reminded of how they amuse and inspire us. With Photowall's entertainment framed prints, you can share this with your kids who will certainly enjoy staying in their rooms a lot more. These items in our assortment can eliminate the dull vibe that is sometimes given off by plain painted walls. Entertainment framed prints not only provide a great aesthetic for our interiors, but also make them happy and enjoyable. It also helps children concentrate and focus as they have a singular focal point within their view. Animal Map of the World, for example, is an entertainment framed print that is fun and educational.

Adventures with entertainment framed prints

As all the motifs in the subcategory Findus and Pettson framed prints are created from scanned original drawings by Sven Nordqvist, they have a wealth of colours and details, just like in the books. It does not matter how many times you have admired one of these amusing drawings, you always find a new playful detail that will make you appreciate the characters even more. Entertainment framed prints will not only let you reminisce the past but also bring in a new audience, especially the younger folk or children of your own. Aside from the stunning illustrations, there is also a palpable sense of knowing these iconic characters, especially Pettson. The old man does not like talking very much, he preferred being on his own until Findus came along. Their friendship and care for each other can make for an excellent theme to have in any child's bedroom, study area or play space. Entertainment framed prints featuring Findus and Pettson can act as a conduit for teaching the children good values and morals, whilst not ignoring the fun adventures this dynamic duo goes on. Pettson och Findus -Stackars Pettson, for instance, sees them going on a hike, encouraging the viewer to reconnect with nature and have a blast outdoors.

The popularity of Moomins

These particular characters in entertainment framed prints are so widely known that the Moomins even have their own theme park! Moomin World opened in the Turku archipelago in 1993 and includes replicas of the book locations, costumed characters and stage shows. It is only open during the summer holidays but is nonetheless considered one of the best children’s theme parks in the world and has won many valuable awards. You can add this to your to do list with your children, as well as make them excited for something by getting an entertainment framed print featuring the world of the Moomins. Moomin - Characters Green highlights all the amazing characters present in this famous pop culture item, with this wonderful entertainment framed print showcasing all the popular figures in a beautiful colour.
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