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Lunar Colors - Framed print - Living Room




If you have ever wanted to see the dark side of the moon without any of the space travel, get yourself a moon framed print from the astronomy & space category. The wide range and muRead moreltitude of options in this category of Photowall's framed prints allows you to decorate your room with style and meaning. Whether you want the beauty of the moon in the day or night time, or simply see the Earth from its surface, stunning moon framed prints await you. These motifs are so rich in detail and high in quality that people will certainly gravitate towards them and find something new whenever they view them. You can relive the Apollo landings or even unleash your inner werewolf metaphorically, you are certain to find your perfect lunar look in our collection of moon framed prints.

The different types of moon framed prints

Photowall's array of moon framed prints offers you a wide palette of options with regard to decorating your space with a particular aesthetic in mind. There are items like Cloudy Moon which shows us the moon how we actually see it here on earth sometimes, capturing its beauty like we can never can with ordinary technology. This will delight anyone who looks upon it, reminiscing and thinking of how amazing the night sky can be. La Palma Moonshine on the other hand is a more whimsical and artistic rendition of this celestial body. It gives you a moon framed print that can fit perfectly into your home and even your office. With a fantastic background and vibrant colours, it will make your room really pop with superb visual weight.

Leaving footprints

When the first astronauts landed on the lunar surface and left their footprints in the dust, everyone on earth had to hold their breath for a moment and fully think of the astounding achievements in modern science. Musicians, artists and photographers have been inspired by these adventures beyond our atmosphere, celebrating the courage that it takes to go to the dark side and back. One of the most intriguing factors about space exploration is viewing sights that human eyes have never seen before. A moon framed print can provide inspiration for the young to explore and expand their mind. Scientific progress requires minds that are curious and hearts that are not afraid to push the boundaries of present knowledge. Moon framed prints that capture this adventurous spirit can be the catalyst of a lifelong dream. Stars and moon might be just the beginning, but enough encouragement and visual motivation can lead to moon framed prints like Astronaut with Earth in Background becoming a possibility in the distant future.

Moon framed prints for the ages

Paintings and poetry from yesteryear often depict the moon as a goddess. She is quieter and more approachable than the fiery sun, but often full of mystery and grace. Part of the moon's charm lies in the changing shadows that sometimes hide her countenance from sight. Full moon, crescent moon, and everything in between is present in our assortment of moon framed prints. There are images that show the moon's special place in the astrologer's map of the night sky, and others that reflect the moon's mysterious influence on the tides of the sea. The moon is never one to stay the same for long, and that is why a moon framed print is such a source of joy in any house or office. You can gaze upon her lonely beauty and reflect on the vast infinity of space with items such as Cloudy Moon. If you feel even more deep and pondering the place of human beings on our little blue planet, check out Moonlight over Medelpad, Sweden, Europe.

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