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City on the River - Framed print - Living Room




If you feel like you are trapped in the drudgery of day-to-day living, break free from the norms and get yourself a funky interior decoration with Photowall's abstract framed printsRead more from the art & design category. Sometimes you just need to escape and allow your imagination to explore the deepest recesses of your mind. Abstract framed prints gives you this avenue while adding a new dimension to any room you intend to decorate. Furthermore, these motifs of high quality, rich detail and amazing colours, give you more than enough pizazz to lift even the most sombre of spaces. Whether you are revamping your home, office or a recreational space, you will find the right fit for you in abstract framed prints.

Living in variety

Our assortment presents to you four different kind of tiers containing abstract framed prints. These are namely Backgrounds, Geometric, Patterns and Textures. Each of these smaller categories contain incredible works of art with their own unique flavor and character. There is something absolutely energising about abstract framed prints where the lines and movement seem to bounce off the image itself and gallop their way into the room with irreverent joy. Colours clamber over each other in an effort to spill into your living, or working, space and combine with the furniture and walls. Youthful and vibrant, abstract framed prints does not abide by any forms or rules, yet their energy cascades merrily.

The flexibility of abstract framed prints

It is often mistaken that abstract framed prints are only suited towards more modern interiors. There are no completely solid items, objects or landscapes in abstract art, which actually make it the perfect choice to add colour and texture to a room. An abstract framed print can set the tone in any bedroom or a living room, for example, which are both contemplative and private spaces. With an abstract work of art, there are no distracting scenes or clashing objects that would divert your attention. You can establish this with our humungous selection of abstract framed prints.

Establishing a colour palette

Abstract framed prints, with their vibrant and intoxicating hues, allows the ideas and emotions to escape the confines of their respective frames and express a vibe that is unique. These pieces of art then mirror the colours from the painting onto your other décor items, such as fabric, furniture or ornaments. There is such a huge variety of colour combinations in abstract framed prints, but you can still adjust them accordingly, to match or contrast with your existing interior design and colour schemes. Abstract framed prints has soft and mellow colour palettes like in the piece entitled Blush Wetlands Crop. If you are looking for something more lively and in-your-face, maybe Graffiti Art Work will do the trick. Either way, you have a wide array of options at your disposal.

Setting the mood with abstract framed prints

Abstract framed prints have the ability to create an ambiance in your selected room. Black and white abstract framed prints, for example, look exquisite with a neutral palette and will allow the architecture style of the room to shine through. Bold and larger than life colour abstract motifs, on the other hand, can set an energetic and excited vibe due to the unabashed use of colour. At the end of the day, you would want your interior decoration art to mean something. The wonderful thing about abstract framed prints is that it can have a special meaning for you that nobody else will see, but will nonetheless be appreciated. Fill your space with verve and vitality by using abstract framed prints.

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