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Grazing White Rhinoceros - Framed print - Office



Safari Animals

Safari originates from the Arabic word for journey. In the late 19th century, after interacting with the different tribes in Africa, the English used the term to refer to an overlanRead mored journey, usually by tourists who wanted to sight-see in Africa. Interestingly though, as long as you are in a place where you can observe animals in their natural habitat, you are technically on a Safari. This Safari animals framed prints assemblage consists of four subcategories, conveniently arranged for your pleasure, with top-grade motifs of unique designs and rich details. As with all of Photowall's categories, the images within are available for modification according to your wishes and aesthetic. Bring the beauty of the wild into your home or office by selecting your Safari animals framed prints!

The definition present in Safari animals framed prints

Safari animals are basically all animals that thrive in grasslands or savannas. These animals include the elephant, the giraffe, the zebra, the lion, the hippopotamus, the rhinoceros, the impala and the leopard, but by extension can also encompass other species or similar critters. The particular creatures presented in Safari animals framed prints are the elephant, the lion, the leopard, the jaguar, the panther, the tiger and the cheetah. Any of these pieces in our assortment of Safari animals framed prints will meet and exceed your decoration wishes, with their rare compositions, colours that immediately pop and interesting presence that will surely spruce up your residential or commercial space.

Hear me roar

The lion, who is also sometimes called the king of beasts, is a very important animal in the Safari. Second only to the tiger in terms of size, the average lifespan of lions is ten to fourteen years. They are key predatory carnivores, ensuring the balance in the ecosystem, particularly those of the savannah and grasslands. Contribute a hint of majesty to your home or office by putting up a regal Safari animals framed print of a lion. Wise Lion, black and white, for example could be just the right piece for you. Whether this is as focal point of your living room or your office, you cannot go wrong with the king of jungle rendered in classic black and white. The power emanating from this specific Safari animals framed print will always leave a lasting impression.

Safari animals framed prints as a romantic gateway

There is something inherently romantic about the idea of going on a Safari. Perhaps it is the idea of going out into the wilderness where man is neither needed, nor ever entirely welcome. The very concept of a Safari may have changed over the years, where those setting off on expeditions are much more likely to carry big cameras these days rather than big guns. While no motif can truly make you feel the heat of the sun and the desolate quiet of the grasslands of Africa, these Safari animals framed prints come pretty close. Herd of Elephants is beautiful image that captures this very idea. It offers you a romantic escape from daily life, giving you peace of mind and evoking emotions that may have lain dormant for a while.

For the sake of art

As already mentioned, there are not just photographic impressions that will make you feel like you are in the middle of a Safari, but also works of art that give this experience a whole other meaning. When something is colourful, particularly in Africa, there are no half-measures. The environment is so conducive to nature that all the colours come to the forefront. This also makes it an ideal tool for the artists present in Safari animals framed prints. Zebra Foal is one such number, a beautifully somber and gentle depiction of a Zebra mare and her young foal. For a more quirky or whimsical vibe, check out the Safari animals framed print entitled Elephant Ride 2.

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