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Turtle and Corals - Framed print - Hallway



Reptiles & Amphibians

In order for you to choose the right reptiles & amphibians framed prints for your space, you need to know the difference between the two. Reptiles and amphibians were once zoologicaRead morelly classified as reptiles due to their many similarities. Both are cold-blooded, meaning their internal sources of heat are so insignificant that they must rely upon external sources to regulate their body temperature. They are equally capable of skin colour alteration, keen eyesight, the use of camouflage and inflating of the body to avoid predation. While reptiles have skin covered with scales, breathe air through lungs and lay hard-shelled eggs on land, amphibians are animals that can live on land or in water, characterized by moist glandular skin, gills and a lack of scales. Reptiles & amphibians framed prints has various members of both groups, with unique designs, rich details and captivating colours to decorate your room with.

The symbolism in reptiles & amphibians framed prints

Almost all reptiles are somehow represented in the world of art, but the most prominent is probably the snake. The snake, or serpent as it is sometimes also called, plays a powerful symbolic role in so many different cultures. For example, in Egyptian history, the Nile cobra adorned the crown of the pharaoh and was worshipped as one of the gods. You will find representations of these intriguing beings in a lot of motifs in our reptiles & amphibians framed prints category. Three medical symbols involving snakes are still being used today, like the Bowl of Hygieia symbolizing pharmacy, and the Caduceus and Rod of Asclepius, which in turn are symbols of medicine. Bring some of this wisdom into your home or even your office, by obtaining a reptiles & amphibians framed print of a snake such as the piece entitled Peringuey's Adder, a beautiful and cerulean image that ideally contrasts with the elegant but mysterious setting. It looks like something straight out of a legend, a reptiles framed print for the ages, so to say.

A little of history

Reptiles are the oldest type of animal on the planet! Turtles, for example, have been on the planet for more than 200 million years, in basically the same form as we see them today, something that just blows the mind the more you think about it. For this reason and many more, reptiles deserve respect from us humans, something you can deliver to your residential, commercial or recreational space by getting your hands on a reptiles & amphibians framed print that echoes that respect and admiration for a very special kind of animal! Reptiles such as iguanas and crocodiles are also present in reptiles & amphibians framed print, making room for plenty of options and diversity. The Iguana Dream - Aubergine and Candy is an almost psychedelic motif that looks cool and funky. Red frog - b/w is more dramatic but just as stylish and impactful.

Representation in reptiles & amphibians framed prints

While most of reptiles & amphibians framed prints is dominated by the reptiles, there is also plenty to choose from in the amphibian section of this tier. Photowall has even provided a smaller lineup under the name of Frogs. These amphibians are known for their jumping abilities, croaking sounds, bulging eyes and slimy skin. They live all over the world and are among the most diverse animals in the world, with more than 6,000 species! Reptiles & amphibians framed prints featuring frogs has some stunning motifs of these amazing creatures. Frogs substantially outnumber the two other groups of amphibians, which are salamanders and caecilians. Caecilians look like large worms or slick snakes that have no arms or legs, and live underground in a network of tunnels. Spruce up your room with reptiles & amphibians framed prints like Beauty of Reflection, a true gem of an image, highlighting the very thing that makes nature so appealing a focal point in interior design.
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