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Golden Horse - Framed print - Living Room




Horses have been part of human history since before recorded time, and they have obtained a status unlike any other animal within our society. From Pegasus the mythical winged horseRead more of ancient Greece, to Comanche, the only survivor of General Custer’s doomed 7th cavalry at Little Big Horn, horses have been heroes, myths and companions throughout our shared history. Photowall's high quality selection of horses framed prints pays tribute to this special relationship. Horses are the image of grace, power and beauty in many people’s minds, as well as being an excellent companion and mode of transportation. Bring a touch of beauty into your home, office or recreational space with horses framed prints.

Diversity in horses framed prints

Having a wide palette of options when it comes to decorating your interiors is a big advantage. The same goes for horses framed prints, where there are a healthy number of options with regard to selecting your desired image. You can choose from several subcategories such as Arabian Horses, Foals, Icelandic Horses, Ponies and Stallions. In each of these smaller groups, you will find unique designs, vibrant colours, rich detail, and so much more. You have real life photographs that will feel like you are literally chasing after these magnificent creatures. Horses framed prints also has works of art that can evoke emotions you did not think you still have. Let us face it, there is nothing quite like a herd of wild horses galloping along. A hundred years ago, the American plains were home to herds of mustangs thousands strong, wandering free and shaking the grounds with their pounding hooves. This may be gone now, but you can still bring that thunder into your rooms with horses framed prints.

The epitome of art

Animators and artists alike agree that of all the subjects in the world, the horse is one of the most difficult to truly capture. The lines of this animal are deceptively simple, but get it even a bit wrong and the grace and power embodied by these creatures is gone. Even Michelangelo, arguably the greatest sculptor in history, is rumoured to have cried whenever he had to sculpt a horse! You do not need to fret, as Photowall's horses framed prints has the best works of art related to this matter. Check out Escape of Galatea - Michelangelo Maestri, a stunningly stylish piece that will make any room pop, equip it with superb style and give that space a classic touch. Horses framed prints prides itself in its artworks that can give your space a whole new meaning.

Establish peace with horses framed prints

For such powerful creatures, horses are surprisingly gentle and affable. They convey a sense of peace whenever we see an image or picture of a horse at rest. Even though they were used in countless wars, horses are never violent by nature. You can soothe your senses with framed prints of peaceful horses drinking at a lake, or of horses simply spending time with each other. Chestnut Horses on Sunset Beach is a concrete example of a horses framed print that can induce this state of tranquility. Iceland in a Nutshell is another wonderful motif which can elicit a sigh of relaxation from anyone who sets eyes upon it.

A sense of culture

In many societies, horses represent freedom and power, where the colour of the animal also matters quite a bit. For instance, a white horse in Christianity is a traditionally the symbol of death. In certain Native American tribes, horses represent power and are often used as an emblem of war. Horses were also considered to bring good luck and fortune in Celtic mythology. Even though these magnificent beasts tend to serve humans, some can never be fully tamed and this is why they intrigue as so much. The symbolic power can be translated into powerful horses framed prints like New Forest or Illusion of Power (13 horse power though). These stunning horses framed prints are guaranteed to make your space a memorable experience for anyone.

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