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Henry De la Beche - Duria Antiquior - Framed print - Kitchen




One of the most popular themes, especially among the younger folk, is Dinosaurs. Many framed prints of these ancient creatures are available in Photowall, where each design offers sRead moreomething unique which will provide a much needed dash of style no matter where you choose to put it up. Ideal for a wide range of rooms, Dinosaurs framed prints will compliment all types of interior decoration and can be mixed and matched in accordance to your specifications. Various combinations create some stunning prehistoric effects, ideal particularly for a kid's bedroom, study area or play space. Often depicting dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period from about 200 million years ago, these Dinosaurs framed prints will liven up any home, office or recreational space. You also always have the option of editing these images to match or contrast with your existing aesthetic and colour schemes.

Colours of dinosaurs framed prints

Many of Photowall's Dinosaurs framed prints are available in vibrant and exciting colours. Superb for inspiring the imaginations of children, these sometimes fearsome creatures are depicted often in hues of green with red, blue and yellow also featuring somewhere in the mix. In addition, many of these motifs show dramatic landscapes wherein the dinosaurs are roaming, sometimes with volcanic eruptions in the background or fast-flowing water in the foreground. Older children might enjoy the realistic depictions of real life dinosaur species, such as the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex, the charming Triceratops and the classic Stegosaurus. Baby Dinosaurs is a healthy combination of both, as there are cutesy dinosaurs moving, but in a realistic setting. Even the grown-ups will rather enjoy this Dinosaurs framed print.

Teach the children well

Although many of these Dinosaurs framed prints will look good even in an adult setting, a healthy number of them are designed with younger children in mind. Dinosaur World Maps, for example, comes in a choice of two colour schemes and will enliven any child's space thanks to the fun design which educates just as much as it displays visual weight. Kids can use it to get to learn the different sorts of dinosaurs of the past, as well as gaining knowledge about the planet and its geography today. There is also a set of Dinosaurs framed prints focusing on individual animals such as the Plateosaurus, Herrerasaurus or the aforementioned Stegosaurus. Let your child select their favorite and watch them as they learn every detail there is to know in these amazingly education Dinosaurs framed prints. Prehistoric Paradise is another image that can be used as means to a learning end. The many different types of dinosaurs on display in this specific Dinosaurs framed print can be viewed over and over again, each time discovering something new.

Dinosaurs framed prints for the grown-ups

At Photowall, we insist on having something for everyone when it comes to decorating the walls. Adults will also come to their fair share of Dinosaurs framed prints. Monstrous Dinosaur is a perfect example of this notion, rendering a more realistic and thus slightly more grown-up scene in the Dinosaur world of the past. It shows a couple of Tyrannosauruses on the hunt, creating tension and a slight edge to kick up the visual interest. Deadly Dinosaur takes this emotion even further, in what is an almost too real portrayal of what these predators where capable of back then. For the more artistically inclined, perhaps a Dinosaurs framed print in the veins of Henry De la Beche - Duria Antiquior is more to your liking. This gorgeous work of art would not look out of place in your home office, or even the board room in your actual office.
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