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    X-rayography – Where Art meets Science

    Combining science with art in a visually stunning way – X-Rayography uses actual X-Ray images to create photography using the beauty that lies behind the subject. Although this is by no means a new phenomenon, it’s an art form that’s surprisingly uncommon in the photography world.

    We’re exploring the talent of Dutch artist, Albert Koetsier; and are incredibly proud of Albert’s collaboration with us as part of our Designer Wallpaper collection. Albert was fascinated by the mechanics of photography and from a young age he began building and collecting cameras. What initially was a hobby later grew to become Albert’s vocation; and after graduating from University in the late 60’s, Albert started his career as an X-Ray Technician – it was here that both his passion for photography and his chosen field collided.

    ‘Beyond Light’ is Albert’s beautiful collection of work which incorporates X-Rays of flowers, shells and nature. Traditionally an X-Ray has been a method purely reserved for medical practice; but with Albert’s driving passion and sheer dedication, he has successfully managed to transform the artistic perception of many. Albert Koetsier’s stunning ‘Beyond Light’ collection can be purchased in canvas prints and wall murals from here.

    Albert Koetsier is able to tell a beautiful story through positioning of the X-Rayed elements and the raw beauty which lies beneath the surface. Once the positive is developed he coats the composition with the same paints used over a century ago in daguerreotypes and postcards. It’s evident that Albert’s practice is influenced heavily by these antique images; and emulating this highlights his keen interest in the preservation of historical photography. The images Albert creates will not fade like a painting or discolour over time like a digital print. Each piece is a true painted photograph, and one of only fifty of each type are produced.

    Today, Albert Koetsier’s work is greatly admired by many people from across the globe. His award-winning photography is both poetic and symbolic. Albert’s work reveals inner structures, invisible to the eye at first sight. The result is a pretty and resistant piece of unique art with translucent, yet firm and crisp shapes. Albert’s work has the ability to transform any room, the use of distinct lucid shapes allow the wall art to work in harmony with your furnishings but also be a focal point of your room. Albert’s carefully crafted pieces work really well if you’ve chosen a more minimalist theme – the almost ghostly silhouettes pick up minimalist furniture lines extraordinarily well, and therefore compliment the simple shapes reflected in his work.

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