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    Wall mural tips for wardrobes

    Fashion week in London is here again. With the focus this week firmly on clothes, we want to pass on some tips about using wall murals to give your wardrobe a makeover. Together with the Swedish blogger and designer Andrea Brodin, we have papered a wardrobe wall with our motif Gap Year from the duo Nothing can go wrng. An easy way to give your wardrobe that luxury walk-in-closet feel. 
    Gap Year
    Gap Year

    While Andrea was juggling with cushions and wallpapers, we asked her some questions about her decorative style and her favorite wallpaper.

    Name: Andrea Brodin
    Age: 39 years old
    Family: Diana 8 years and Ivar 6 years
    Occupation: Blogger, decorator, writer and designer. Drives the blog Mellan damm och glam at Metro Mode.

    Where do you find your inspiration?
    I'm traveling a lot and I'm constantly on the lookout for innovative and cool solutions that I then take back in interior design.

    If you had a decoration advice, what would it be?
    Do not neglect the light, it is essential because it can change the character of a room, then trust your desires and follow your instincts - you will not regret it.

    Do you have a favorite decorative object?
    Cushions and plaids, they transform any living room and create a pleasant atmosphere in the coldest and most sterile room.

    How do you define your decorative style?
    I've always loved the 1960s and the Art Deco style. When I was a child, I loved to stroll around my grandparents' house to admire their magnificent objects and became completely in love. Now, at last, the style has been catching up and becoming trendy.

    Finally - Where do your craft skills come from?
    I gleaned all the advice I received from the 40 or so renovations and decorations in which I participated. Now I have no excuse for putting up a kitchen or for repainting a room.

    The picture is styled by Andrea Brodin.

    Table and chest of drawers
    Carpet - Jotex
    Puff - Eilersen
    Plaid - Klippan Yllefabrik
    Hooks - THG

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