AURA Biosphere - Wallpaper - Bedroom

Emma Lindström

Emma Lindström is a trained artist, born in 1989 and from Gothenburg. Emma has held exhibitions in the USA and across Europe with great success. She established her own art gallery AnRead moreohaao Gallery in central Gothenburg in 2017, which also incorporates her studio. Emma is recognised for her colourful and abstract acrylic paintings, where unpredictability and intuition control the artistic process. Her art is an oozing of colour and emotions. The AURA collection is Emma’s first wallpaper collection, where she has created 12 colourful abstract patterns from scanned original art works for Photowall. Lindström’s art brings the beholder beyond the visual senses and encourages you to absorb and revive the energy that a work of art brings. Her creative process is a balancing act between unpredictability and control, where the process itself becomes an important part of the artwork. The result is a profound collection with abstract images that bring the imagination to space and the universe.

Welcome art into your home

Allow yourself to be absorbed by the pattern and permit yourself to travel along a meditative journey. Welcome art into your home. Abstract, vibrant and harmonious but at the same time aesthetic. Experience the artistic wallpaper in your home and combine Emma's artistic energy with the energy you have incorporated yourself with your interior design choices. Emma Lindström's art is always uplifting, infusing hope and filling the room and your entire home with energy and colour.

A room of artwork – wallpaper becomes art

With today's technology, wall murals offer completely new opportunities to turn wallpaper into art and art into wallpaper. Looking for artwork for a room? With a wall mural, you can, for example, use an image from your favourite print and cover a whole wall, and transform the entire wall into a piece of art, or turn your own images into art by giving them a central place in the room.

A connection between art and interior design

Art must be experienced – it must touch you and go straight through your heart beyond the intellect, and that is exactly what Emma Lindström’s AURA collection does. Emma Lindström's artwork is now available as wallpaper and makes a powerful impact on the entire room. The collection consists of twelve scanned acrylic paintings that will be adapted to customised wall murals. Decorate your home with unique art exclusively sold by Photowall. The AURA wallpaper collection is a colourful collection with organic wallpaper images that burst with colour and energy – an encounter between art and interior design. Each image has a unique illustration that encourages a creative and colourful home environment, while the images’ compositions invite a sense of peace and harmony. The wallpaper is ideal for the bedroom, lounge room or as a feature wall, in the office, or wherever you want to create a comfortable and creative space decorated by wallpaper.

Heavenly bedroom harmony

Art and harmony go hand in hand and that's exactly the case with the AURA collection of wall murals. Our wallpapers make it easy to create heavenly harmony in the bedroom. Let your dreams be inspired by the mysteries of the universe and its promises of the unknown with a wallpaper print in the bedroom. Wake up each morning in all-embracing harmony, surrounded by soft abstract art that instils confidence that the universe will support you all through the day.

Sustainable and conscious interior décor

Interest in interior design is constantly growing and we are becoming increasingly conscious about the environment, looking for sustainable alternatives. Having a wall mural aligns well with our new focus on sustainable interior décor. The art with which you choose to cover a whole wall reflects your identity, and the wallpaper quality permits you to keep your art for many years to come. We believe in sustainability and conscious decisions when it comes to interior design. All our wallpapers are environmentally friendly and PVC-free, making them even more obvious as a choice for the conscious interior decorator. Let your choice of art be a statement. Combine quality and creativity in a sustainable choice for your home with Emma Lindström’s col6ourful and abstract wall murals.

A lounge room with many dimensions

Where are you? In space, under the ocean, inside a seashell, or in a dream perhaps? Let your mood and imagination guide your experience with a wallpaper from the AURA collection in your living room. You’re creating a living room with many dimensions when you decorate your walls with Emma Lindström's wallpaper. Each wallpaper pattern offers great variety and a never-ending source of inspiration that you never get tired of.

The hallway – first and last impression

The hallway is where you step in and out of your home, i.e. the hallway leaves people with their first and last impression of your home. Let your family and friends be impressed by your powerful wallpaper art. The hallway easily gets cluttered with all its storage, shoes, jackets and gadgets. Prevent your interior décor from adding to the clutter, and instead cover an entire wall with an artwork and transform the hallway into a stylish space. With an AURA wallpaper, you will be welcomed with harmony rather than chaos, each time you step in to your home.

Create an inspiring office environment

We spend a lot of time in the office and we are expected to be creative, focused, productive, interact socially….yes, a lot is expected from us in the office environment. Still, the office is often a neglected place when it comes to interior design. We think this is rather unfortunate and would like to encourage people to create inspiring office environments. Emma Lindström's AURA wallpaper collection provides a real energy boost where each wallpaper pattern inspires and encourages harmony and creativity. The inviting colourways and bursting creations leave you inspired and filled with both energy and excitement.
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