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Highveld Garden - Baltic Sea - Wallpaper - Bedroom




Summer House x Aureum - Safari

Get going with your home decoration with new designs from Summer House x Aureum. This designer collaboration draws inspiration from the South African landscape, and in the new Safari Read morewallpaper collection, the rich patterns are spiced with the blue saltiness of the Baltic Sea.

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Join us on safari in the Baltic Sea

For this collection, Summer House x Aureum have created five new repeating patterns and a wall mural with distinct trees, all available in a variety of colour schemes.


The motifs are inspired by South African surroundings and contain both ingredients from suburban gardens and safari-inspired motifs with South African vegetation. The wallpapers contains typical South African bush boasts in an array of lush vegetation; Shrubs, euphorbias, aloes and succulents share the space in the dynamic motifs that can be repeated to any wallpaper size.
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