Vintage Typography

Bring the timeless and beautiful charm of typography into your very own space with this collection by Photowall. No matter if your interior is residential, corporate or recreational, Read morevintage typography canvas prints are guaranteed to upgrade your wall decor onto a whole new level. From vibrant works of art to subtle retro sights, Photowall offers something for any personal taste and interior style. The endearing, slightly quirky vintage typography canvas prints feature many subjects and locations, creating beautiful patterns with their unique designs. For those who prefer a more nuanced look and feel, there are also vintage typography canvas prints that adhere to minimalism. Add an urban vibe to the home or office room with our vintage typography canvas prints featuring the world's most famous cities in their past pomp. All these vintage typography canvas prints can be altered to suit or contrast with your existing interior design, various colour schemes and the overall aesthetic.

Basics in vintage typography canvas prints

There are a couple of elements that are vital to typography. First and foremost is the combined components named typeface and fonts. A typeface is a family of related fonts, while fonts refer to the weights, widths and styles that constitute a typeface. Contrast is another vital factor since it helps to convey which ideas or message to be emphasized to the readers. You will see plenty of this in vintage typography canvas prints. Another important thing to consider when using these items is consistency, as it the key to avoiding a confusing and messy interface. In vintage typography canvas prints, take note of white space. This is the area around text or graphics which also affects typographical hierarchy. These two combine to aim at creating a clear distinction between prominent pieces that should be noticed and read first, and standard text copy. As you will also see in vintage typography canvas prints, colour is one of the most exciting elements because this is where you can really get creative and elevate the interior design to a whole new level.

The hows and ifs

Your interior design should, ideally, tell a story that captivates the viewer. Vintage interiors, for example, provide the perfect backdrop to display collections of vintage typography canvas prints. Remember that going vintage gives you a license to remember and reminisce, so decorate in accordance with this. Invite retro pieces into a modern space by contrasting bright and shiny new objects with a shabby-chic room. Do not be afraid to start with a few vintage typography canvas prints and then progress from there. Sometimes just a little bit of the old world is all you need to give a room new dimension and meaning. Vintage typography canvas prints are as much about story telling as they are about appreciating the bones of a design for its structure and not its age. This notion is superbly captured in "Road Trip - Beetle Luggage", a vintage typography canvas print that is quite simple but still very powerful and appealing.

Vintage typography canvas prints placement

The advantage of having an old school feel in your interiors is that pieces like these present in vintage typography canvas prints can look good practically anywhere. Take for instance an item such as "Paris Panorama". This marvelous and stylish view could be placed in the living room at home or the break room at the office and will have the same visual impact. If you are looking for something more specific, perhaps place images like "Ingredients for Life II Blue" in the kitchen or dining area. Make your foyer a place people want to hang out with vintage typography canvas prints like "Old Salt Whiskey" or the lasting coolness of "Movie Ticket Free Admission". There are multiple ways to combine vintage typography canvas prints with other retro items and really turn your interior into a time machine.
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