Rust never sleeps as the old saying goes. This unique by-product of the chemical reaction of iron and oxygen has been the bane of all metallurgists who have been working in the industRead morery of metals since the beginning of the Iron Age. This red-brownish substance that builds upon all metallic surfaces has always served as a harbinger that your components are about to break down. Still, there is a strange attractiveness to its color. In recent years, the color of rust has shown itself in textiles, flooring panels, and even wallpaper. Photowall jumps in on the trend with its own collection of rusty canvas prints. These rust-colored images depict numerous scenarios where this strange chemical reaction has taken over the main subjects. Interestingly enough, these rusty canvas prints provide a sort of tough, industrial, indescribable beauty that is difficult to articulate. These rusty canvas prints come in a wide variety of designs to choose from and can lend a stark, pronounced feel to your living spaces that are desirable nonetheless. Let these rusty canvas prints liven up your home in a unique way that only they can. Not everything in this world is flowers and teddy bears and pastels, beauty can come in many unorthodox forms, as witnessed by these rusty canvas prints.

Industrial chic in rusty canvas prints

There is a breed of sophisticated urbanite that loves the look and feel of starkness and hard textures. They leave their walls unpainted, exposing the bare, grey cement underneath. They have wall fixtures of unpolished steel which have strong lighting underneath them that silhouettes the shape of these fixtures. And the adornments on their walls feature rough, industrial images that somehow still give their living spaces a mood of edgy elegance. It is truly amazing what looks beautiful if all the elements come together. In this vein, Photowall offers its “It’s Been a While”, “Metal Oxidation”, and “Rusty Chains” in its unique collection of rusty canvas prints. These pieces can give a feel of industrial sophistication to the avant-garde urban dweller’s home. The richness of the color of these rusty canvas prints is guaranteed to provide a stark contrast to any wall or wallpaper within your home. Let the symmetry of the image of rusted-out chains draw your eye to its unique repeating pattern. This particular design has been proven to be soothing and relaxing to a certain type of individual.

Stark and colorful in rusty canvas prints

Some people are even known to appreciate the look of rusted-out machinery. With this in mind, we offer our “Old Control Room”, “Recycling” and “Electricity Line Box” in its fine collection of rusty canvas prints. The first one depicts the look of an abandoned Apocalyptic-style nuclear control room, with dusty, rusted-out consoles and displays. Sort of what the end of the world will look like under a nuclear bunker. The second print shows flattened out vintage cars, stacked one on top of the other, in varying stages of decomposition. The third displays a giant fuse box, now caked with rust, with an interesting pattern made by the way the fuses line up. It is both arresting and pleasing to a certain sort of palette. These rusty canvas prints are certainly not for those with conventional tastes. They appeal more to the edgier, more experimental urban dweller. But the growing number of individuals with this particular taste grows by the day. And Photowall, who is always at the cutting-edge of design images, is ever ready to cater to the needs of this particular connoisseur. Rusty canvas prints will be a wonderful addition to your homes or apartments.

Beauty in rust

For those who yearn for more color along with their rust, Photowall gives you “Rusty Liliac Wall”, “Oxidized Rusty Metal Plates”, “Rusty Sweeps”, and “Rust n Gold Wall” in its unique collection of rusty canvas prints. These fine images bring a rough color and texture that is sure to complement the wall of every home, even for those with more conventional tastes. Hang these prints in your living room or recreational room, or even at the head of your bed, to give your living space that much-needed sophisticated edge. For those who favor a more artsy flair, we have “Faces III”, “It’s Been a While”, and “Vintage Bronze Background” to satisfy their need for a more composed look. Unlike the rust in these stark images, Photowall has manufactured these prints with such high-grade materials as to be safe to exist inside your home, and safe to come into contact with your kids. Its pigments are color-fast and are guaranteed not to run and last a very long time. These wonderful, unconventional pieces are sure to bring that added flair of edge and rough elegance to every home they are displayed in.
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