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Beautiful Bluebells - Canvas print - Kitchen




A nature spectacle as the central theme for your interior design is always a welcome sight. The recognisable flowers that carpet woodlands in an enchanting sweep of purple every year Read moreare the subject of Photowall's bluebells canvas prints. Bluebells spend most of the year underground in a dormant state only to emerge with style in the spring, growing from bulbs. In other categories under the flowers section, you have things like the sakura blossoms native to Japan. Our bluebells canvas prints are more associated with Britain since they account for nearly 50% of the world’s population of the flower. They are often described as small, dappled-shade-seeking hyacinths which are a special symbol of Britishness. What makes them even more special is that you will not see them in bouquets or be able to buy them in garden centers, you need to go down to the woods. This makes bluebells canvas prints really the belle of the ball.

Bluebells canvas prints and their cultural impact

In Scotland, for example, the flowers are actually referred to as "harebells". This is because it was believed that witches turned themselves into hares and hid among these flowers! In Victorian culture, bluebells were viewed as a way to communicate your feelings and thoughts, making bluebells canvas prints an ideal decoration for residential spaces such as the living room or family area. Bluebells were often used to call in fairies, too. You could "ring" a bluebell like you would a normal bell and the fairies would come to you. This charming little anecdote can make bluebells canvas prints the perfect adornment in a child's bedroom, study area or play pen. Just imagine a piece like "Bluebells in Dawn Sunlight" or "Spring River Path" hanging above their bed or table, the children will be absolutely delighted and have a great medium to daydream.

Background information

In actuality, the bluebell has many names like English bluebell, wild hyacinth, Cuckoo’s Boots, Lady’s Nightcap and even Witches’ Thimbles. In Britain, it is against the law to intentionally pick, uproot or destroy bluebells! This will make your bluebells canvas prints stand out even more and serve as an important reminder to take care of certain environments. These flowers take a long time to establish, around 5-7 years from seed to flower, which is why they are so sensitive. Bluebells can take years to recover after footfall damage because if it leaves are crushed, they die back from lack of food as the leaves cannot photosynthesise. You can share this vital information when people will undoubtedly admire your bluebells canvas prints. Whether you display them in your home, hangout area or even the office, bluebells canvas prints will certainly draw attention with their beauty and grace.

Different types in bluebells canvas prints

As already mentioned, Britain accounts for half the world's bluebells. Millions of bulbs can exist in just one forest, giving rise to the violet-blue carpets that are such a springtime joy to walk through. Scenes such as this are bound to be found in bluebells canvas prints and you will feel the magic emanating from them. But did you know that there is also another kind, particularly the Spanish bluebell? It was introduced into the United Kingdom by the Victorians as a garden plant, but escaped into the wild. It is likely that this escape occurred from both the carefree disposal of bulbs and pollination. Today, the Spanish bluebell can be found alongside the native bluebell in woodlands and along woodland edges, as well as on roadsides and in gardens. It will be hard to distinguish them in bluebells canvas prints because both types make for such a wonderful wall decor.
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