There is just something about sand that makes you feel relaxed and in touch with nature, probably because you usually associate it with a trip or holiday. You can bring this exact feeRead moreling into your interiors with Photowall's excellent lineup of sand canvas prints from the Natural Materials category. If you frequently find yourself longing to be at the beach, you will definitely love our fabulous range of sand canvas prints. Aside from satisfying your emotional needs, these items will also really make any room pop, keeping it fresh and generating admirers among your family, friends and even colleagues at the office. Top-quality sand canvas prints by Photowall are an excellent tool for upgrading your wall decor, with their unique designs, stylish tones and fashionable variety. As per usual, you can choose to make alterations to your selected sand canvas prints in order for them to match or contrast with your existing, or planned, interior design.

How to use sand canvas prints

Out of all the natural materials, sand is definitely the most numerous if you take into consideration each grain. We encounter sand in practically every known environment to man, which is why it makes sense to display sand canvas prints as part of your interior decoration, for instance. You can even base your design theme on these environments such as the beach, the desert or any other natural landscape that fits your vision. In this category of Photowall's sand canvas prints, there is a healthy mix of just sand as well as sand near bodies of water. Your placement of sand canvas prints depends on your overall aesthetic, but it is still vital to take into consideration the environment of the displayed items and the immediate surroundings you place them in. Items like "Beach Ridge Landform", for example, would really fit a classic look in the home or office. The panoramic beauty of this sand canvas print can really make a space pop and appear wider. "Red Sand Dune" on the other hand has a different feel to it, which can perhaps even be categorized as modern art. This is why a sand canvas print such as this could be the ideal focal point of an office space.

Tremendous variety

As already hinted at, sand canvas prints have a lot of variety when it comes to the background or setting of any particular motif in this category. Whether it is the cool breeze emanating from the big blue or the mysterious aura of the desert, beauty is ever present in sand canvas prints. Imagine a sand canvas print like "Ocean Waves" in your living space, a beautiful view of a beach from up above, something that immediately calms and soothes you. Then there is the aptly named "Sand Desert", an amazing sand canvas print that beguiles and intrigues with its dimensions and calm disposition, making it a very inviting image. As you can tell by now, sand canvas prints have plenty of real life photographs that will translate gorgeously onto your walls. Do not forget though that this tier also boasts works of art that can really blow you away. Artsy sand canvas prints such as "Float" or "Desert Life" can bring a different vibe to your entire interior.

Around the world with sand canvas prints

With Photowall's sand canvas prints, you can visit exotic beaches of distant places every day, no matter what the season is in your living place. Looking at them takes your breath away but also helps you in relaxing and shaking off that stress from everyday life. You can practically take a trip around the world with the diversity present in sand canvas prints. From going stateside with items such as "Philbin Beach" in the beautiful region of Martha's Vineyard, to the otherworldly beauty of "Dead Trees II" in Deadvlei, Namibia, sand canvas prints take you on a mental escape. If you are in the mood for something more chill, "Cabana at Beach in Skåne, Sweden" could do the trick for you. Aside from touring the globe, you can also equip your walls with visitors that make the sand even more becoming. There are plenty of our furry friends present in sand canvas prints, from the cuddly "Meerkat Relaxing in the Desert" to the more ferocious "Gemsbok Fighting"!
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