Ever since Hydrogen and Oxygen fused together to make the life-giving liquid called water, the universe has existed with its own universal solvent. From the primordial ooze that we alRead morel came from, to the elegant and sophisticated bars and taverns of today, the quenching of our collective thirst has been not only a necessity for survival but also one of the most entertaining and refreshing practices we have ever undertaken. Photowall pays tribute to the human need to drink with its own collection of drink canvas prints. These images showcase many of the fine libations that have quenched our parched throats through the ages. Hang a few of these drink canvas prints in your living room, and feel the sudden urge to run to the fridge and open a bottle of your favorite beverage of choice. Let your family and guests see these drink canvas prints and watch them carry their glasses into the living room to celebrate these ambrosia of the gods. There will never be a dry or unsatisfied throat in your home with these drink canvas prints all over you. Make an affair of it by bringing a pitcher of everybody’s favorite libation into the living room and having a toast to everyone’s health.

Quenching in drink canvas prints

Beer is one of the favorite beverages that human beings love to drink. It is tasty and full-bodied and very refreshing. Pair it with a platter of peanuts or go wild with a selection of sausages and fine meats and you have the elements of a proper drinking spree. Beer is said to have been invented by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. They combined barley, hops, malt, and wheat and fermented them to make this delicious beverage. Photowall quenches your thirst with “Beer”, “Beer in Glass”, and “Pub” in its wide collection of drink canvas prints. These images feature this thirst-quenching beverage served in all its golden glory. Place a few of these drink canvas prints in your recreation den with a pitcher of the actual thing and prepare for a party that you have never experienced before. Bring in a bowl of chips and peanuts and watch your favorite films while surrounded by these drink canvas prints. Have a frosty one in your hand while you listening to your favorite tunes or playing video games, and you will have the makings of a perfect grown-up playtime.

Refreshing in drink canvas prints

Wine, whether red or white, is made by crushing grapes and fermenting their juice, and distilling it to make this fine nectar of the gods. There are years of good vintages and those that are not so favorable. The quality of these libations has become so superior, that people nowadays are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a priceless vintage. It is said that the most sophisticated manner in which to gift a person with a bottle of wine is to pair the year of the creation of the wine with the year of the recipient’s birth. Photowall toasts your fine taste with “Late Hour”, “Cheers”, and “Wine Cellar Barrels” in its fine line of drink canvas prints. These images showcase this amazing libation as it is celebrated by most of the civilized world. Hang these drink canvas prints in your lounging den, and don’t forget to bring a chilled bottle of your favorite vintage. Sit in your chaise lounge and simply sip away all your troubles and cares with all these drink canvas prints around you. Invite your loved one to join you for a toast to all things bountiful and enduring.

Hot and cold

Coffee and tea are another of the world’s favorite drinks. Tea is made from leaves, while coffee is made from the ground-up beans of the coffee plant. The British Empire and its colonies prefer tea as its drink of choice. While the rest of the world relies on coffee to keep us wide awake throughout the day. There was even a time in history that these two plants have become so valuable that they have become the medium of exchange for many historic transactions. The Boston Tea Party in the United States was a landmark exchange of tea for what is now a large part of the greater New York area. While several wars have been fought over the ownership of territories that grew coffee as their main crop. Photowall serves it to your hot or cold with “More Coffee Beans”, “Coffee in Paris”, and “Teascape” in its splendid collection of drink canvas prints. These images feature these wonderful crops as they are served all across the globe. Hang these drink canvas prints in your private study or mini-library, and feel as though you are one of the coffee and tea barons of an earlier age.
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