Unicorns are a mythical creature resembling a horse with a single horn. The horn is said to be similar to that of a narwhal. As far past as recorded history can be found, the unicorn Read morehas been the subject of talk and speculation. The unicorn can be seen in the ancient seals of the Indus Valley people. It was written about in Greece as an animal in nature, more so than a myth. Invariably, the unicorn has the body of a horse and all white colouring. Capture a unicorn for yourself when you purchase a canvas print of one of the many unicorns available here. There is a style to suit every person from child to adult, whimsical or more traditionally painted. Sometimes in European folklore, the unicorn appears with a goat's beard and cloven hooves, though universally the unicorn in the shape of a horse is far better known. Children and people with a soft spot for horses may thereby enjoy a collection of canvas paintings depicting unicorn adults and their babies drinking from a spring or grazing in a field.

Purity and grace

To the Middle Ages and Renaissance eras, the unicorn symbolized virtues such as purity and grace. It was said that only a virgin could capture a unicorn. Some thought the horn of a unicorn could make any water drinkable and also heal sickness. In the magical world of fairy-tales, of course, anyone with a good heart may take a ride on a unicorn or become befriended by such a beast. Canvas prints are available, which show unicorns drawn in cartoon form having a picnic under the stars with a blanket and a plate of fruits - and cake - while nuzzling each other. This may be popular with children who believe the unicorn to be more real than a myth.

Mythical and legendary

The Astral Unicorn canvas print may be soothing to those who enjoy ethereal, symbolic paintings. The vivid purples and cloudy background of stars highlight the majestic unicorn, mane and tail flowing, horn glowing as though it is a beacon in the dark. The unicorn can be seen in the Royal Arms of Queen Elizabeth II for both England and Scotland. Transform any wall into a conversation point with a set of unicorn canvas prints. Feature walls may include a unicorn painting. As mythical and legendary as the unicorn is, feel free to let your own creativity go a little wild.
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