A fairy is a mythical figure prominent in folklore. It is classified as a preternatural being, an entity not of flesh and blood. The origin of the myth of fairies cannot be pinpointedRead more to a specific region of the world, but rather, a collection of folk superstitions from different cultures. Photowall pays tribute to this remarkable figure of myth in its line of fairies canvas prints. These images displayed strategically within the confines of your home can create an air of enchantment and whimsy that can prove soothing to the average workaday man. These fairies canvas prints are guaranteed to make your children’s eyes go wide with wonder and awe. There is no end to the tales and myths you can recount to your young ones as you gaze at the awesome fairies canvas prints surrounding their sleep areas or play nooks. Even the more grown-up members of your family will not be able to resist the magical charm that these fairies canvas prints will lend to your dwelling place. A bit of the fantastic and supernatural is all you need to breathe much-needed life and vitality into your everyday suburban grind, and these fairies canvas prints are sure to do the trick.

Enchanted in fairies canvas prints

There was a time when the word fairy signified only a certain type of magical creature with human features, a capacity for magic, and a predisposition for trickery. But as time progressed and their myth has evolved, they have come to mean any creature of magical origins such as goblins and gnomes. Photowall honors this amazing spirit with “Unicorns and Fairies”, “Fairy Hollow”, and “Fairy Triptych” in its fine collection of fairies canvas prints. The second and third images depict these wonderful woodland nymphs frolicking about and cavorting in their own magical kingdom. While the first print mentioned not only features fairies but also the unicorn, which is another revered creature in ancient myth. These pieces in fairies canvas prints would look especially good in your personal library or private study. They can give you a much-needed respite from a long day of glossing over tomes of dreary intellectualism. Their simple visage can transport you to a magical time and place where the only boundaries are the limits of your imagination. Having these splendid fairies canvas prints around you can ease away your anxieties and the trouble brought about by the daily suburban grind.

Magic in fairies canvas prints

In James Barrie’s immortal fantasy novel Peter Pan, the hero Peter has a helpful sidekick in the form of a female fairy named Tinkerbell. She is perhaps the most famous fairy in all of contemporary popular culture, with her image displayed in films, paintings, magazines, posters, and storybooks. Photowall features her fellow supernaturals in “Fairy Hollow 2”, “Fairy Raindrops”, and “Moonlit Brethren” in its wide selection of fairies canvas prints. The last image to be mentioned is particularly unique because it features fairies along with other woodland creatures like the owl, the wolf, and its pups. Legend has it that fairies were put on this Earth to protect these innocent animals from the cruelties of man. Insert this fine tidbit of information into the stories you tell your children to instill in them a love and respect for all living creatures. These fairies canvas prints not only stand out as beautiful ornaments for your home but as a source of life lessons for these eager young minds as well. A lot of the values we hold dear ar grown-ups were culled from the lessons of bedtime stories such as these.

Myth and enchantment

It is often told in myths that travelers of forests and woodland areas should always wear charms and amulets to counter the magic and mischief that playful fairies may lay upon them. A few examples of these so-called magical counter-measures are church bells, four-leaf clovers, food, and wearing your clothing inside out. The last precaution is said to protect you from a fairy’s spell that will keep you going around in circles in the forest forever. Photowall fans the flames of these enchanting myths with “Dags Brun”, “Fairies”, and “Fairy Flower” in its varied collection of fairies canvas prints. These images depict the typical look of the fairies we have often celebrated in our tales from childhood. There are also “Hadas”, “Urlindea”, “Hawap”, and “Instructors”. These depict fairies with more powerful and deliberate personalities, they are the protectors of the forests and the animals from the evils of the metal age. Invite your friends over who have a love of ancient myth, and have great discussions and arguments about the dozens of varieties of fairies and their purpose on this Earth. Take tea and snacks with neighbors while they marvel at these splendid and enchanting prints. Hurry and grab your collection of fairies canvas prints today.
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