Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and has been so since the 15th century. It is the second most populated in the country. It is where the Scottish Parliament and the highest cRead moreourts in the land find their home. The Palace of Holyroodhouse, located in this city, is the permanent residence of the king of Scotland. It is a hub for education, science, and engineering, and is the second most important financial district in the United Kingdom after London. Photowall pays homage to this historic city in its fine collection of Edinburgh canvas prints. These one-of-a-kind prints feature one of the most celebrated cities in European history. They come in a variety of different designs and colors to choose from. These Edinburgh canvas prints would look stunning on the walls of your living room or even atop your bed in your sleeping area. The stark elegance and quiet sophistication these Edinburgh canvas prints exude will add much-needed style to your home. They are guaranteed to make a fine addition to your priceless adornments. Use them to accent your hallways and dining areas for that added urban flair. They make a fine centerpiece right above your fireplace. Edinburgh canvas prints will bring vibrancy and color to your dwelling

Something about the land in Edinburgh canvas prints

The city also serves as a religious center since this is where the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland meets every year. It is also the home of the National Library, the National Museum, and the University of Edinburgh. Photowall showcases its breathtaking skyline in “Edinburgh Skyline” and “Edinburgh Skyline Rainbow” in its collection of Edinburgh canvas prints. These multi-colored prints lend excitement and a rush of adrenaline to the everyday urban dweller. It will make you feel as though you have made the trip to this historic city yourself. Even your kids will enjoy the splashes of rainbow hues and the fine geometric patterns in these Edinburgh canvas prints. The city is the venue for the biggest and most extravagant annual international arts festival in the world. This fete is called the Edinburgh International Festival and The Fringe. Celebrate the pomp and grandeur of these wonderful festivities by grabbing the “Edinburgh Scotland Skyline” and “Edinburgh Scotland Rust Skyline” pieces of our fine Edinburgh canvas prints collection. Get the sensation of having attended these glittering festivals yourself without leaving the comfort of your home.

An historic place in Edinburgh canvas prints

Along with its other points of interest, Edinburgh’s Old Town and New town have also been hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has a loving nickname, OLD SMOKY, which comes from the vista of the smoke-covered skyline of Old Town. It has also been given the moniker THE ATHENS OF THE NORTH. Its unique architecture and influences are given notice in our “Winter in Edinburgh” and “Edinburgh’s Princes Street Taken at Midday” pieces in our Edinburgh canvas prints line. Marvel at the magnificent lines and structure of its old buildings as you sip your coffee or tea in the confines of your own private palace. Share the joys of this historic city with friends and loved ones. List your favorite Scottish poets and quote a few lines from their more famous works, as you gaze upon these beautiful Edinburgh canvas prints. Enlighten your children about this magnificent city’s role in European history, and how the events that took place in it have helped shape the fortunes of the world. It can serve not only as an enticing and colorful adornment but a rich source of knowledge as well.

An immortal land

The earliest human settlement in Edinburgh was in 8500 B.C., this was during the Bronze and Iron Ages. The Romans first made their presence known in the city during the 1st century A.D. In the 21st century, a complete outline of the city can be seen in Ëdinburgh Street Map”. This colorful and immensely helpful print will assure that the adventurous traveler will never get lost within the city. These prints also add a layer of geometric symmetry to your walls and can be very pleasing to the eye. Their vibrant and dynamic use of color can bring life to even the most humdrum room in your house. Collecting your own set of these canvas prints will allow you and your family to experience the feel and heartbeat of this wonderful city. Their presence in your home will guarantee amusement for hours on end. Till the day comes that you actually make the journey to this Scottish capital, let these unique prints serve as a preamble to whet your appetite for all the things it holds in store for you. So wait no longer. Grab yourself a few of these Edinburgh canvas prints for your home today.
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