Let us be honest, when you hear Romania, one of the very first things that comes into your mind is the legend of Dracula. Although he is not the reason why Photowall has created a cluRead morester of Romania canvas prints, we cannot discuss this amazing country without a mention of him. Especially since out of all the remarkable places to visit in Romania, Bran Castle remains the most popular with international tourists by far. Although this Transylvanian castle was an important medieval fortress and home to Romania's Queen Mary, it is far better known for their fictional resident, the vampire Count Dracula. No need to fret, however, as Romania canvas prints provides more than just this tale. The country can boast of plenty more since due to its varied landscape, Romania is the most biogeographically diverse land in the European Union. With snow-capped mountains, green hills covered in forests and vineyards, sandy Black Sea beaches and Europe’s largest and best-preserved delta, Romania has something for everyone. More noteworthy and relatable to Romania canvas prints though is that history is everywhere in this location. You will find out more about this while perusing Romania canvas prints. As always, you can modify your selected Romania canvas prints to complement your existing decor and colour schemes.

Romania canvas prints and the significance of history

As already mentioned, history is a big deal in the country of Romania. This land has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The 34,950-year-old human remains found in Cara?-Severin in 2002 are among the oldest ever found in Europe! Transmit this sense of history with our Romania canvas prints. Having a piece of the past in your interior decoration is always a welcome sight, which is why vintage decor never goes out of style. Having such a historic country like Romania as the central subject of your wall decor through Romania canvas prints can have the same effect. We also have to consider that in modern times, the country was shaped by major ideologies and conflicts that swept throughout Europe, leaving behind a unique mix of collective experiences and values. This can also mean that Romania canvas prints could act as inspiration for you to someday make that trip to this amazing country.

Paris of the East

Legend has it that Bucharest was founded by a shepherd named Bucur who built a church on the right bank of the Dâmbovita River. By the end of the 17th century, the city was the capital of Wallachia and ranked among southeastern Europe’s wealthiest cities. The early 20th century was Bucharest’s golden age where large neoclassical buildings sprang up, fashionable parks were laid out and landscaped on Parisian models and earning it its nickname. You will also see remnants of this in Romania canvas prints featuring this capital city. Sadly, the bombing by the Allies during WWII coupled with a 1940 earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale, destroyed much of Bucharest’s prewar beauty. Do not let that deter you though, as Romania canvas prints of Bucharest are still stunningly beautiful and can really make your rooms pop.

Architecture in Romania canvas prints

Even though Romania is full of architectural treasures, Bucharest in particular offers an unusual and sometimes uneasy mix of styles that combines the charming and almost organic shapes of 19th century architecture with the rigid lines of the Stalinist architecture. Romania canvas prints features some of these elements like the Palace of Parliament. The second largest administrative building in the world was built during Ceau?escu’s rule, a symbol of Communist architecture. Another striking structure seen in Romania canvas prints like "Bucharest Romania Skyline" is the Romanian Athenaeum. This architectural pearl of the 19th century constructed in Neo-Classical style houses the George Enescu Philharmonic and is the main concert hall during the George Enescu Festival.
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