The Venice skyline or Venetian waterways are just two of the quality paintings available as canvas prints. Ready to be hung and enjoyed, these viewpoints of Venice will spark interestRead more in travel for those who view these paintings. The skyline image is a lovely and colourful abstract of Venice painted as though it were a reflection of itself in a pool of canvas white. The Venetian waterway canvas print brings Venice canals to life in a highly skilled artist's acrylic/watercolour paintbrush techniques so accurate it looks almost as though it is a photo.

Freedom of expression

Venice is the ideal city to feature on a wall in canvas prints because it has such a long and rich history of playing inspiration and home to the great artists. For instance, the scenery is breath-taking and gives a painter an unlimited amount of natural places to work with during creation, while the lifestyle leads itself to the freedom of expression. Historically, Venice has been a city dedicated to wise government and freedom. Using the nearby lagoon for their defence system, the palace had no guards other than the Arsenal workers. Compared to its contemporaries close at hand Venice was known as a place of democracy, where civilization flourished.

A city built upon the water

In modern times, we might be able to imagine a city built upon the water, but in its earliest days none could have predicted if the idea would work, and what problems could lie in wait. Venetians were up to the challenge, clearly, as Venice stands today as a reminder of human beauty and overcoming the challenges we set for ourselves. Across 117 Islands the city of Venice spreads, connected by canals and bridges. Each Island offers a unique view of this timeless place. Try a canvas print of photo realistic bricks and bridges or bricks and water alleys in Venice or perhaps the Venice skyline in black for a more sophisticated lounge area. The Grand Canal and Venice at dusk will evoke travel stories and perhaps even inspire you. Watch boats travel across the Grand Canal while merchants prepare to start their day with the clear, bright blue sky overhead and farther islands of Venice in the background.
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