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Many years ago, Beauty and the Beast became the first animated film to be nominated in the Best Motion Picture category at the Academy Awards, while even before that, one of the firstRead more animated films ever made was Disney’s Snow White. The history of the Disney Princesses, which many dismiss as ‘children’s films’ is the history of the rise of animation as its own art form, starting with the very first Disney Princess, Snow White. Bring this rich and beautiful history into your child's life with a canvas print.

See the old stories come alive

From Beauty and the Beast to Cinderella to The Princess and the Frog, many of the best-beloved Disney Princess movies were based on old stories before being given the Disney twist. Most of these stories still retain the messages they originally held – Beauty and the Beast’s message about kindness and seeing past the outside is just as true in the Disney version as the original, for example. The same goes for Snow White and the virtue of hard work and kindness, and Jasmine from Aladdin’s vital message about not being afraid to stand up for yourself. Bring the Disney Princesses into your child’s life with a painting drawn from one of these phenomenal animated films.

Bring a sense of freedom

From Belle to Rapunzel and beyond, the Disney Princesses were not the kind of ladies who sat around waiting for things to happen. They went out and did things, made things happen, and changed the world on their own terms. Sometimes, they even found love along the way. Remind your child that the world is in their hands by decorating their rooms with canvas prints of these remarkable women.

Cultivate a love of beauty

The world needs more beautiful things in it. What could be more natural than wanting to surround your child with beauty every day of their life? If that’s your plan, you don’t need to look much further than Photowall’s range of Disney Princess-themed paintings. The lovely Disney Princesses come to life against the exquisite backdrops designed for the Disney films, bringing beauty and a sense of the exotic to every child’s room.
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