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Disney - Cars



Disney - Cars

Disney is undoubtedly one of the most beloved brands in the world. The film Cars was the final film to be produced by Pixar Animation Studios before it was bought by Walt Disney PictuRead moreres. Loved by both children and a large segment of adults, the animated characters in Disney’s Cars come in all shapes, colours, sizes, vehicle models and most important of all, personalities. Each of our canvas prints showcases these quirky, lovable cars in all their different moods and attitudes. It’s clear that thousands of people love the characters in Cars, as the first Cars movie was incredibly popular, won two Academy Award nominations and broke previous records for film-related merchandise of a Disney Pixar film. The sequel, Cars 2 which was released in 2013 was also extremely popular and Cars 3 is scheduled to be released in 2017. Through our products, you can now bring your favourite Cars character or characters to your wall to enjoy through a canvas print.

Choose Your Favourite Car

The Cars movie has a fantastic cast of animated characters and it could be difficult to choose your favourite one. That’s why our canvas prints focus on all the best characters from Cars and also give you options that focus on two or more characters. Lightning McQueen is undoubtedly the star of the movie. McQueen is a racing car that loves moving extra fast. McQueen is usually a favourite choice due to his positive attitude and great appearance. Mater is McQueen’s best friend and is a rusted, trustworthy tow truck that drives backwards quite often. While Mater does not look as polished as McQueen, he is definitely one of the funniest characters in the movie and could brighten up your mornings for a long time if he were designed on one of our paintings. Sally, the light blue Porsche is another great character in Cars as she is both smart and sweet. Other characters, such as Luigi who operates the local tyre shop; his best friend Guido; the bossy Sarge and the laid-back Fillmore are all wonderful characters that can certainly transform your wall and make you smile each time you look at your new canvas print. It is important to consider the fact that having one Cars character or two on your wall could have a dramatic and positive impact on your mood. While some may say that looking at funny pictures daily does not make any difference to the way you feel, it is undeniable that the more people genuinely laugh at a joke or funny picture, the better they feel during that time.

Your Wall Needs the Perfect Print

It’s essential that you choose the right canvas print or painting of your favourite character from Cars to have your space look and feel just right. Our wall hangings can truly make a difference on how a specific space looks and feels as every canvas print or painting that we provide caters to a certain type of emotion or mood. For example, we have prints of McQueen and the rest of the Cars family looking cute, angry, inspired, fierce, brave etc. You can browse through our extensive range of products and select the one that is perfect for you. As we also offer bespoke products, we would be happy to customise our products to create a personalised environment that suits you perfectly. By choosing the print that’s right for you and placing it on your wall, it could make your day better each time you looked at it. So make sure not to waste any time and browse through our wonderful selection of canvas prints of the animated Cars characters today. Let us help you find the perfect print!
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