The planet Uranus is the seventh one from the sun. It derives its name from the Greek god of the sky, Uranus, who, according to legend, was the great-grandfather of Aries or Mars, theRead more grandfather of Zeus or Jupiter, and the father of Cronus or Saturn. It boasts having the third-largest planetary radius and fourth-largest planetary mass in the entire Solar System. Uranus has many similarities when it comes to composition with the planet Neptune, and both have massive chemical compositions that differentiate them greatly from larger gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn. Photowall pays tribute to one of the most celebrated planets in our Solar System with its own collection of Uranus canvas prints. These Uranus canvas prints depict the planet as it has been studied by astronomers through the ages. Hang a few of these Uranus canvas prints on the walls of your living room, and give it an alien and otherworldly atmosphere. Your loved ones and guests will be wide-eyed with awe at the sight of these Uranus canvas prints. They will be forever grateful to you for having the foresight to display these Uranus canvas prints in this space. Notice as they refuse to leave this area now that you have filled it with these Uranus canvas prints. These fine Uranus canvas prints can make your living room like a distinguished observatory. These Uranus canvas prints are a guaranteed hit inside your home.

Studied in Uranus canvas prints

The atmosphere of Uranus has many similarities to those of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s in the sense that they all have the basic compositions of Hydrogen and Helium. But Uranus contains larger amounts of water, ammonia, and methane, not to mention trace amounts of hydrocarbons. It also has the coldest planetary atmosphere of all the planets in the entire Solar System. Photowall gives you a glimpse of the big chill with “Uranus” in its magnificent collection of Uranus canvas prints. This example of Uranus canvas prints features a cut cross-section of the planet, naming its different layers and the numerous moons and rings that encircle it. Perusing this particular piece in Uranus canvas prints is like browsing an astronomy book with the wealth of knowledge displayed on it. Your child’s sleeping area would be the perfect place to display these Uranus canvas prints. Make your lessons even richer by inserting the color and drama of Roman mythology about this amazing planet, with the astronomical side of its existence, and you are guaranteed one interesting and very educational session with your young one.

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Uranus has a very complex and layered cloud structure, that is believed to be composed of water in the lower strata, and of methane in the uppermost regions. The interior of the planet Uranus is made up mostly of ice and rock. Similar to other giant planets, it has a ring system, a magnetosphere, and several moons. Photowall enhances your learning even more with “Solar System-Uranus” in its wonderful collection of Uranus canvas prints. This example of Uranus canvas prints showcases the planet as it has been viewed by a million telescopes from Earth. Hang a few of these Uranus canvas prints in your private study or mini-library, and feel as if you are Galileo, scrutinizing the mysteries of the cosmos. You may also wish to display these fine Uranus canvas prints in your hallways, to give this neglected space a feel of size and infinite possibility. Traversing from room to room will be an education in itself with these amazing Uranus canvas prints on the walls. These Uranus canvas prints can fill your home with light and knowledge.

Icy and massive

A very real example of the practical uses of astronomy is the discovery of the planet Uranus. It was first seen with a telescope in 128 B.C., by a man named Hipparchos, who documented it primarily as a star, which was later included in the tome of Ptolemy’s Almagest. Photowall adds to your knowledge of the vast and almost infinite cosmos with “Planets and Their Moons” in its excellent line of Uranus canvas prints. This specific addition to Uranus canvas prints is full of interesting and informative images about the vast heavens, which makes it not only a beautiful image to look at, but a very useful adornment as well. These Uranus canvas prints are a piece of education in and of themselves. But it is interesting to note that all the moons of the planet Uranus were only seen by a telescope in the 20th century. Before that, the technology to view this amazing astronomical phenomenon was as yet unheard of. Hang a few of these Uranus canvas prints atop your bed, in your sleeping area, and feel as though you are closing your eyes to the cosmos itself.
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