Jupiter is the fifth planet from our sun. It is also the biggest one in our solar system. It gets its name from the Roman god Jupiter because of how big it is. It is more than twice aRead mores large as all the other planets in our solar system put together. Photowall honors this massive behemoth of a planet in its fine collection of Jupiter canvas prints. These amazing and educational Jupiter canvas prints come in a wide variety of designs for the discriminating urban dweller to choose from. Hang these prints in your personal library or study. Or even in the sleeping areas and play nooks of your children. Let these Jupiter canvas prints serve as a primer for them, an introduction to the dazzling world of astronomy. Spark their passions and fuel the fire of their learning with these wonderful Jupiter canvas prints. They are guaranteed to provide endless hours of amusement and enlightenment, not only for your kids but for the grown-up members of your family as well. With these one-of-a-kind Jupiter canvas prints, there need not be a boring second in your household. Hold contests and quizzes to see how much your children have learned by simply reading the text on these images.

The largest in Jupiter canvas prints

Jupiter is a planet composed mostly out of gas, that gas being Hydrogen. But a quarter of that mass is also made up of Helium. Because of this phenomenon, this planet has no solid surface. There is also a massive storm that has been occurring along its boundaries since the 17th century. This seemingly unending storm is called The Great Red Spot. This planet is hypothesized to have more than a hundred moons around its orbit. Photowall pays homage to this celestial giant with “Solar System-Jupiter” and “Planets and Their Moons” in its fine line of Jupiter canvas prints. Let these striking images remind you of the enormity and mystery of this unique body in our universe. Invite your friends with a streak for the scientific, over for an afternoon snack, and have lively discussions and arguments about this natural wonder of our galaxy. Have your children take part in these activities and see which one of them has the penchant for becoming a budding astronomer. These splendid Jupiter canvas prints can bring both family and friends together in their quest for greater knowledge of the heavens above us.

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The four largest moons of Jupiter were discovered by the great astronomer Galileo. The largest one called Ganymede has a diameter bigger than that of the planet Mercury. The first spacecraft to ever visit the planet Jupiter was the Pioneer 10 in December of 1973. Several NASA projects in the future are aimed at exploring the ice-covered ocean of one of Jupiter’s moons. Photowall aims, not only to beautify your homes but to broaden your scientific horizons as well with “Jupiter”, “Firmament”, and “Solar System Odyssey” in its rich collection of Jupiter canvas prints. The first print mentioned depicts a cut cross-section of the planet, naming its different layers and the numerous moons and rings that encircle it. Reading this particular piece in Jupiter canvas prints is like browsing an astronomy book with the wealth of knowledge displayed on it. Your child’s sleeping area would be the perfect place to display this print. Make your lessons even richer by inserting the color and drama of Roman mythology about this amazing planet with the astronomical side of its existence, and you are guaranteed one interesting and very educational session with your young one.

A universal giant

According to scientific studies, Jupiter is probably the oldest planet in our solar system. In Roman mythology, Jupiter, or Jove as he was otherwise known, was the greatest of all the gods. This mythical deity was said to have lorded over the sky and the thunder. He is symbolized by his iconic thunderbolt in many sculptures and frescoes. And the animal that represents him best is the eagle. This eagle was seen in the banner of the Roman army and its horde of legionnaires. In their currency, the eagle clutching a thunderbolt was the insignia in all of the empire’s coins. He formed the Capitoline Triad with Juno and Minerva, and the tree most associated with him was the oak. Photowall pays tribute not only to this Roman deity but to the true planet it represents in “Ringed Solar System”, one of the most arresting pieces in our line of Jupiter canvas prints. This depiction of the planets revolving around our sun is perhaps the perfect rendition of the magnitude and significance of these heavenly bodies to our existence in this universe. Hurry and grab your own collection in our Jupiter canvas prints right now.
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