Explore the universe without having to leave the comfort of your armchair thanks to these amazing canvas prints. Create your very own planetarium and study the wonders that the solar Read moresystem has to offer through these fabulous paintings. See the earth at a new perspective and enjoy orbiting it at just a glance. Take a galactic trip through the solar system, tour the sun and moon and study Mars up close. Have fun exploring the contrasting colours throughout space in a simple painting. Choose your favourite canvas print and let yourself be transported into the dreamlike state of space.

Explore the cosmos with Planets wall murals

Decorating your home or space has always been considered to be fun and exciting by a lot of people. Why not? There are tons of options to choose from to make the interior look appealing. You also need not worry about decorating the walls as there are numerous ideas and inspirations that you can use. In the past, home and space dwellers are already fascinated with the use of paint. However, these days, there are more innovative and creative ways in decorating the walls other than the use of paint. Wall murals are trending the design industry as they are efficient to use and thousands of designs to choose from. For sure, there will be a design that will best fit your taste and your interior design style. Photowall has an amazing collection of wall murals that you will surely love and among these are the Planets wall murals. Featuring the different planets of the solar system and other space adventures, they will surely make a wonderful texture to your rooms. Take the kids bedroom or playroom for instance. We all know that our young ones are interested in a lot of things, such as safari, cartoon and fairy tales, and space. With the use of Planets wall murals, you will be able to stimulate their imagination and creativity in being part of one big universe. The colors are simply amazing, depicting what really is like in outer space. In addition to these, your little ones will be able to learn more about the different planets in the solar system and how they came to be. Planets wall murals are not simply wall coverings that will make the interior of your home or space beautiful. But they are also learning tool for young minds. Engage them and make them interested with astronomy and they will carry that gift until they have grown up. Planets wall murals can also be added to your bedroom or in the workplace. These wall murals will surely make a wonderful focal point that you and your family will definitely love.

Some information about the planets

What really are planets? We all know that Mercury, Venus, and Earth are planets. However, Pluto and Ceres were once considered as such, but with new discoveries, they were dropped from the list which initiated debates from different schools of thought. Experts have set some rules in order a heavenly body to be considered a planet: It must orbit a star, the Sun in the case of our solar system; It must be big enough to have enough gravity to bring it to its spherical shape; It must be large enough to have its own gravity. Knowing a little information about the planets is quite fun and interesting, especially for kids. Planets wall murals will also help them in their learnings. Add them to your home or space and you will surely have a lively and vibrant walls.
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