The impact of nature when it comes to interior design cannot be underestimated. One of the ideal tools to capture the allure and beauty of our world is Photowall's collection of aurorRead moreas canvas prints from the astronomical events category. No matter if the space you are decorating is residential, recreational or even corporate, auroras canvas prints is the focal point you have been searching for. These real life photographs will make you feel like you are actually witnessing these phenomena live. In some instances you will even think this is too good to be true, as the details of our auroras canvas prints are so rich and vibrant, it can make the images seem otherworldly and more like a work of art. Change the entire appearance of your interiors with scenes straight out of a dream or a fairytale. Auroras canvas prints are simply magical and their ethereal beauty can elevate your wall decor onto a whole new level. Make your home or office the talk of the town by equipping your walls with one of nature's most stunning sights!

Mother Nature

When it comes to beauty, nothing can quite beat nature. In every corner of the world, you will find some of Mother Nature’s most fantastic works. With auroras canvas prints, you do not even have to travel to the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights, also known as the aurora borealis. You can have this breathtaking phenomenon in your space, every day, all year! Aurora Borealis is caused by the interaction of the solar wind, which is a stream of charged particles escaping the sun, and our planet’s magnetic field and atmosphere. This amazing natural process has produced the sights in auroras canvas prints which will generate conversation and create visual dynamism. Transform your interior into a memorable spot for your family, friends and colleagues with these stunning motifs. Just check out items like "Northern Light over Troms Coast, Norway" and see how it can revamp any room into a fantastic place to be. Auroras canvas prints will improve the depth and dimension of any room with their natural beauty and sweeping panoramas.

More details in auroras canvas prints

More commonly known as the northern lights, aurora borealis appears when tiny particles stream out from the sun and hit Earth’s atmosphere. These particles give some of their energy to atoms and molecules of gases in the upper atmosphere, but the atoms and molecules cannot hold its energy. They quickly give it off as another kind of energy, which becomes the colours of light that we call the aurora. These lights occur most often around the North Pole and South Pole, as you might notice in the places mentioned in the names of our auroras canvas prints. Since the aforementioned incoming particles have an electric charge they essentially make the atmosphere a gigantic neon sign. "Hamnoy Nothern Lights" is an absolutely remarkable auroras canvas print that illustrates this in a marvelous manner. If you want something more somber and elegant, perhaps "Nordic Lights" is the auroras canvas print for you. Rendered in the timeless black and white, this will give your wall decor a slight edge and perhaps a bit more character.

Various locations

As already hinted at, aurora borealis can obviously be found more in the northern hemisphere, in countries like Iceland, for example. Iceland’s landscape can be found nowhere else because it is a mixture of hot springs, icy glaciers, wet deserts, lava fields and a dizzying amount of waterfalls. "Kirkju Fell Under a Boreal Green Sky" is an auroras canvas print that was captured in this gorgeous land. With an image such as this, you can really relax and take a breather whenever you look at it. The incredible combination of northern lights and the bodies of water in this scenery are perfect for a living room at home, or even the break room at the office. Did you know you can also see aurora borealis in the United States of America? Thanks to the northern location and vast, dark skies in Cook County, Minnesotans are lucky enough to see them often. The auroras canvas print named "Aurora Borealis over Burntside Lake" is a brilliant example of this.
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