Circles & Dots

Circles and Dots create a cheerful and fun designs. They can be easy to blend with other patterns and designs and can be fun with modern colors. They can also give a beautiful and sopRead morehisticated home interior. In addition to these, circles and dots can also be exciting and create a soothing experience. These are the reasons why circles and dots are commonly used in interior decorating.

Circles and dots wall murals

Circles and dots have always been part of our lives. If you are going to look at your surroundings, chances are you will be able to see amazing pattern and design used to make the interior look attractive and colorful. These days, the pattern is used to give a fresh look to the interior. With the right size and color, you will be able to create a unique and posh interior. There are many different methods and materials that you can use to make your home or space look attractive. The addition of decorative items, for instance, is commonly done to add beauty. These days, the use of wall murals is making the news in interior decorating. Not only that wall murals can hide the imperfections of any wall, but they can also make them look wonderful. Photowall is proud to present its wide range of wall mural collection that will definitely make a difference to your interior decorations. Circles and Dots wall murals are some of the amazing designs that will add life to your home or space. These are amazing wall mural designs that will surely create the effect that you have been looking for. Not only that the patterns will look great, but the colors are simply amazing that will make any dull and boring wall vibrant and lively. Circles and Dots will also be able to set the mood and atmosphere in your room. Circles and Dots wall murals will also add charm to your room. Take the living room, for instance. We all know that this is a room for socializing as well as for rest and recreation. Thus adding a Circles and Dots wall murals can make the room more lovely and mesmerizing. The designs will also create a beautiful theme that you will not regret flaunting to your family and friends. Try adding a cool design to your bedroom and you will surely have a calming and relaxing atmosphere. In addition to these, Circles and Dots wall murals can also create a focal point that will be loved by anyone who sees it.

Circles and Dots and interior design

Ever since we were kids, we were introduced to the different shapes and how they are associated with many other things. So everytime we talk about shapes, it may seem like child like topic. But the truth is that just like colors, shapes can symbolize ideas, express moods, and lead the eye. Circles, in contrast with squares and rectangles, are numerous in existence. The shape is associated with the sun, moon, and Earth since the ancient times. In fact a lot of corporate logos use this shape to represent the universe. The shape is also associated with the ideas of cycles, eternity, and timelessness since it has no beginning or end. Circles also embody femininity due to the curves. In addition to these, the shape also suggest movement, just like wheels, soccer balls, or any other balls for that matter. Dots are also significant in design as they are the building blocks of everything else. It can be a point of focused attention. Dots also anchor themselves in space and provide a reference point relative to the other forms and space around it. They can also be the focal point in any artworks. They can create symmetry, and are known to be neutral and static.
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