Just by looking at them, we humans perceive the spatial relationship between objects because we have 3D perception. This is a condition which is also known by another term, depth percRead moreeption. This is very important to consider in designing your interiors with 3D canvas prints by Photowall, as it can factor in everything from texture to patterns that fit your prospective and desired aesthetic. Our prime 3D canvas prints selection will provide the necessary decorative width, height, length and depth required for your arrangement to stand out.

3D canvas prints and our perception tools

Majority of us use all or some of the following eye instruments to observe and move around every day in 3D, namely aerial perspective, stereoscopic vision, size familiarity, accommodation and parallax. Aerial perspective pertains to far-away objects appearing to have less contrast than nearby objects since light is dispersed and distributed randomly by the air. This is why finding the appropriate light for a room is very pivotal in employing 3D canvas prints. Stereoscopic vision is the fact that our two eyes provide slightly separate images, like for example how a closer object may appear more separated than the distant one. Using our 3D canvas prints will quickly make you mindful of these tools we use on a daily basis, giving you not just visual pleasure, but also an insight into the intricacies of our optic world and thus our outlook towards artistry.

Gaining an appreciation

If you can guess or are aware of the approximate size of an object, you can also tell roughly how far away it is based on how big it looks to you. This is called size familiarity, which is also significant when using 3d canvas prints as it can dictate the contrast you establish with the distances between your interior design ornamentations, coordinating unequal proportions to generate a unifying perspective. Accommodation refers to your visual focus on a close or distant object, whereby the lenses in your eyes physically change shape, establishing as to how far away the object is from yourself. Lastly, parallax is when you move your head from side to side, closer objects appear to move more rapidly or strongly than distant ones. The 3D canvas prints in our arsenal match all these criteria and visual factors, making decorating your space a fascinating trip into the three-dimensional world by utilising these rare and gorgeous motifs we have for you.

3D canvas prints samples

Now it is time to check out some of our very distinct designs, which can raise your personal area onto a different level altogether. "Interconnecting" and "Flowing Cubes - From" are two astonishing compositions in the 3D canvas prints assortment, creating a special vibe by appealing to our three-dimensional sense and using its singular artful conception to give your home room or office area tremendous visual weight. As they can be refitted to serve your intended ambiance in the home, office or other personal space, you can play around and produce various set-ups in which these 3D canvas prints aid and supply the desired cosmetic change.

More options at your disposal

To give you even more alternatives, and tips for how to use them, here are some more samples of our marvelous selection. "3D Construction" and "Tetris Pattern", for example, can most definitely make your 3D canvas prints a hot topic for any party you have over in your home, office or other personal niches. The recognizable arrangement will definitely induce intrigue and generate visual interest. The colours red, green, blue, magenta and grey are also viable choices with the 3D canvas prints "Deep Tetris Color". The already established, or soon-to-be accomplished, colour balance of the room will be matched or contrasted by this amazing 3D canvas print.
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