This canvas print selection offers you the opportunity to bring the beauty and fragility of watercolours into your home. Artists have been engaged and challenged by watercolour paintiRead moreng for centuries. It has a luminosity impossible to achieve in any other medium. Perfectly suited both to abstract and figurative subjects, watercolour is a medium ideally suited to painting in the open air. Consequently, many artists employ watercolour for the outdoor sketches they make before beginning full-sized paintings in the studio.

What is watercolour?

Specialist manufacturers produce watercolour paints by grinding pigments very finely and then mixing them with a binder such as gum arabic. Artists buy them in tubes or cakes and use water as the medium when brushing the paint onto special watercolour paper. When the artist applies the paint using a technique known as wet-in-wet, where two or more colours can run into each other, the result can be beautiful and result in unexpected colour mixes. Some pigments make interesting patterns as they settle into the paper. Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber both do this. The canvas prints on offer here show these traits particularly well.

Watercolour painters past and present

One of the earliest and most beautiful watercolours we know is Albrecht Durer's "Young Hare", painted in 1502. The British artist J.M.W. Turner is famous for his watercolour paintings. He produced thousands during his lifetime, and you can see many of his sketches and drawings in the Tate Gallery in London. Also working in the early 1800s, John Constable, possibly most famous for his oil painting "The Haywain", was using watercolour on a daily basis for preliminary studies. His contemporaries said that he made at least one sky painting every single day. Many modern artists value the expressive qualities of watercolour, especially in more abstract works, using the medium loosely to create a sense of the subject in their work rather than a literal representation. Every year competitions held nationally and internationally showcase the best work currently being produced around the world. Amateur painters often begin with watercolour, only to find it isn't nearly as easy as it looks to get great results. If you have a love of watercolours, choosing a canvas print is the ideal way to get one on your wall. With their liveliness and purity, watercolours are easy to live with in any environment and these canvas prints offer you the added bonus that there is no need for the glazing and frame you would need for an original work.

Watercolours and interior design

Watercolours are known to have an inherent light within it. This makes it one of the best medium to express the delicate, mysterious, and heavenly. Watercolours wall murals can create a unique appearance on your walls and can be considered to be a true form of art. Having the wall murals on your walls can totally complete the room appearance. In many instances, you need not have to add other decorative items to match the wall mural design. So whatever wall mural you choose, they will definitely create a wonderful statement to your interior.
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