There are specific elements in existence that cohere whether reason and logic support them or not. Images that please the senses, though they do not fit any aesthetic criteria. CertaiRead moren phenomena that occur that do not seem to make sense to the intelligent mind, yet seem to work themselves out beautifully just the same. One of these mysteries is why the human eye seems to be attracted and pleased with images that are best suited as a background for specific subjects. Certain patterns engage us, a specific color palette soothes our senses, or a particular image, though out of current context, can suddenly make sense to us. Photowall gives tribute to this peculiar human trait in its line of backgrounds canvas prints. These backgrounds canvas prints can coordinate easily with the color of your walls or with your wallpaper of choice. They come in a variety of images that will guarantee an inexhaustible selection for your home. Place these backgrounds canvas prints in your workspaces, or in your dens, your recreational rooms, and even in your kitchens, whatever works for you. Come home to a place where beauty and relaxation need not make sense to be fully appreciated. Allow your eyes and your mind to be engaged and comforted by these backgrounds canvas prints. There are no rules when it comes to adorning your homes with these backgrounds canvas prints. Just sit back and relax and allow these backgrounds canvas prints to ease your troubles away.

Flowing in backgrounds canvas prints

For those who wish to add a bit of color to these backgrounds, Photowall gives you exactly what you want with “My Greenhouse Watercolor 3”, “Cool Grey Horizon”, and “Magic Sky” in our excellent collection of backgrounds canvas prints. These images in backgrounds canvas prints depict the undulating layers of colored waves on a flat surface, introducing aquatic tones as well as broken lines to the discerning eye. Feature these backgrounds canvas prints in a brightly lit room with a bare wall behind it, and you have the perfect adornment for any living space. The pastel and bright hues and hypnotic patterns can relax your mind and soothe your senses. These examples of backgrounds canvas prints, and a lot more in our selection, give witness to the truth that not all beauty is stark and structured, and exclusive to things dsiplayed in the foreground. Sometimes blending colors, bright hues, and lively shades can be just as tasteful and elegant. For the more edgy and unorthodox urbanite, these pieces are just the right elements to give your home its much-needed style. Grab a few of these backgrounds canvas prints while supplies still last.

Soothing in backgrounds canvas prints

In the practice of psychology, there is a test called the Worschak. Basically, it is a black inkblot on paper. It is shown to the patient and he tells the psychologist what he sees in it. The image itself has no inherent value. It is the patient’s interpretation of what he sees in these images that tell the psychoanalyst what he wants to know about the patient’s state of mind. Backgrounds canvas prints work pretty much the same way. They are a simple collection of splotches and splashes of whatever image with color, blended together to form a picture. But the simple science of these backgrounds canvas prints has been overshadowed by their apparent beauty. Some of the greatest museums in the world that feature modern contemporary art showcase some of these wonderful images in their collections. It is a boon without measure that Photowall decided to offer these splendid backgrounds canvas prints for public consumption. Some notable pieces that would liven up your home are “Cradled in Clouds-Pastel”, “From the other Dimension”, and “June Morning by the Sea” in its arresting collection of backgrounds canvas prints. These backgrounds canvas prints infuse color and symmetry to any nook or cranny of your personal castle.

Soft and comforting

The playful use of color and the mind-bending attributes of these backgrounds canvas prints elevate them from being simple, purchasable adornments to being actual objects d árt. One single piece positioned in a highly visible area of your home can make the entire space sparkle. From soft pastels to stark solids, to dark monochromes, there is no limit to the combinations and patterns that these backgrounds canvas prints can compose. There are also almost inexhaustible ways of enjoying them. From simply sitting in your study with a good book, occasionally perusing these backgrounds canvas prints, to relaxing in your lounge chair while contemplating the intricacies of its patterns, these backgrounds canvas prints not only guarantee endless hours of intellectual contemplation but of deep appreciation for their intrinsic beauty as well. Much like the Worschaks in a psychologist’s office, these amazing backgrounds canvas prints can actually tell a lot about the viewer’s state of mind.
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