The majestic Wolf has appeared throughout history in various roles, and with a variety of symbolisms attached. Traditionally, the wolf has been viewed as a predator which causes destrRead moreuction and danger. Because of this, the wolf is often used as the symbol of the warrior. Appearing in folklore and children's stories, the Big Bad Wolf is one example of the wolf in the role of a villain. A more positive perspective which several cultures share is the wolf in the role of the totem symbol. To the Greeks and Romans, the wolf was associated with Apollo - the sun god.

Find your own wolf

Now you can own a piece of diverse history and legend with your own wolf canvas print. Find pencil sketches of grey wolves so soft and real that you could almost touch them, Arctic wolves and Frost wolves watching alertly and staring through the painting. Try canvas paintings of wolves in beautiful nature or more abstract surroundings, perhaps a wolf family would be the right style for your wall.

Pack and family animals

Wolves are pack and family animals. Although some of our history depicts them as lone predators, the fact is that wolves are able to make strong bonds with their pack and family members. When observed in the wild, researchers can see the affection wolves have for their family. It is not uncommon that a wolf will sacrifice themselves to protect the family. Wolves howl for a number of reasons, and if you travel you will find that each species has its own howl. A solitary wolf will howl to communicate with the rest of the pack. Sometimes packs howl between themselves as a method of communication. Build your own wolf story with the canvas prints of wolves with their pups, howling wolves, and other memorable paintings. A canvas print of a howling wolf or pack of frolicking wolves is sure to please you each time you pass it by.
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