Wolves & Foxes

Wolves and foxes are the creatures of the wide open spaces. The canvas prints in this category awaken our sense of adventure. A painting of these fearless creatures striding out over Read morethe snowy landscape is a source of reflection. Mothers care for their cubs, and fathers patrol their territory. Having a canvas print of these dramatic moments in the lives of such beautiful creatures brings it all so much closer. The call of the wild still has power over humans today, since we share with the wolves and foxes an instinct to hunt, and a close bond with our extended family units.

The wild right on your walls with Wolves & Foxes wall murals

A lot of people love animal prints, however are not sure how to incorporate them in their interior design. Whatever animal you prefer a lot of homeowners and designers are wild about them. These patterns are popular among apparel and home decor for so many years and the touch of exotic has made them classic. The animal prints are fun ways to bring a piece of personality into your home. From the amazing wall mural collection of Photowall, Wolves & Foxes wall murals are some of the beautiful designs that will really make a statement to your home or space. Featuring the mysterious and cute animals of the wild, wolves and foxes, as they are depicted in their natural habitat. These wall murals can simply make your interior look extraordinary with the colors and images. If you are looking for something that will remind you of winter, spring, summer, or autumn, the wall murals would be the ideal choice to decorate your walls. The canvas print installed in your bedroom can evoke a sense of freshness and rejuvenating feeling. Cuteness overload? That’s one of the wonders of the designs. Kids will love them in their bedroom as they will surely be stimulated with the colors and images. In addition to being a great wall decor in the kid’s bedroom, Wolves & Foxes wall murals can also help them learn more about these magnificent animals. Thinking about giving your rooms a makeover? The Wolves & Foxes wall murals can definitely be the right choice as the wall mural of your choice can make an attractive focal point that will be loved by your family and friends.

The world of wolves and foxes

Foxes and wolves belong to the same Canidae family but are different in many aspects. Examples are their size, behavior, and hunting methods. Fox have medium sized and comes with a narrow snout and fluffy tail. Foxes are also smaller than wolves. Unlike wolves, foxes do not live in packs but only with two or three companions. They also hunt small animals because of their small body frame. In addition to small animals, foxes also love to eat insects, fruits, and berries. Wolves, on the other hand, are quite larger than foxes and they are more feared by humans as they have more carnivorous nature. Wolves can also be seen in the northern hemisphere whereas foxes are seen almost everywhere. When it comes to symbolisms, wolves symbolize sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts, appetite for freedom, and expression of strong instincts. Foxes, on the other hand, are seen to have physical or mental responsiveness, increased awareness, cunning, ability to find a way around, and affinity with nocturnal activities and dream work. So the next time you think about adding a wall decor, you may want to consider Wolves & Foxes wall murals. Not only that they are cute and inspiring, but they can likewise make any room look amazing and breathtaking. Happy decorating!
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