A stag is a male deer. The female counterpart is called a doe. We cannot talk about this animal without referencing deer. Both the male and female genders of the deer family grow and Read moreshed antlers annually. They have repeatedly made their appearance in cave paintings since the early Paleolithic Period. Throughout human history, they have been a prominent fixture in mythology, religion, and literature. When a stag is still a youngster, it is called a buck. Photowall pays homage to this magnificent creature by featuring it in its collection of stags canvas prints. These amazing prints display the poignance and grace of this animal and allow the discriminating urban dweller to enjoy their visage in their homes. These stags canvas prints would not look out of place in your private study or mini-library. Having them in the playrooms or sleep areas of your kids will not only add color and vibrance to the overall area but will also give them their primary education about these wonderful animals. It will teach them respect and ingrain a love of all living things within them. These stags canvas prints come in an almost limitless variety of designs and colors to choose from.

Magnificent in stags canvas prints

The etymology of the word Deer means an animal of any kind. It did not get a lot more specific until around the 1500s. A stag has oftentimes also been referred to as a hart or a bull, depending on which region of the world you’re in. Photowall offers you “Scottish Stag”, “Red Deer Stag”, and “Ghost of the Forest” as appetizers in our wide collections of stags canvas prints. They are there to whet your appetite for more. The depictions of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat in stags canvas prints will bring a sense of nature and the wild into any dwelling, no matter how humdrum the atmosphere is. You and your kids can pretend you are in the English or Scotting countryside, walking in the woods and suddenly catching a glimpse of this fleet-footed animal. Their iconic antlers have been a staple of myth and tradition in many cultures all throughout the world. The independence and self-sufficiency of the male deer have made a mark in human language as well, when a man goes alone to an event, it is often declared that he is going stag. The party a fortnight before a man becomes a groom at his wedding is called a stag party.

Distinguished in stags canvas prints

Photowall gives you, even more, to celebrate in its collection of stags canvas prints with “Sudden Encounter”, “Deer in the Snow”, and “Fallow Deer”. None will be able to resist these lovable and gentle creatures as they adorn your home and liven up your living spaces. Your guests will surely appreciate the outdoors feel and closeness to the natural world generated by these unique stags canvas prints. Invite friends and colleagues over for some coffee or a spot of tea and witness how they marvel at these one-of-a-kind images. They make a great conversational piece, as wildlife is a common problem in the conservation of our planet these days. Segue into how the musk of the stag is used by the world’s most distinguished fragrance manufacturers to make colognes and perfumes for men. Even in traditional Christmas lore, the stag named Rudolph is immortalized in song as having lit Santa Claus’ way while driving at night to deliver gifts to children. The stag even appears in the coat-of-arms of several royal families in heraldry, clearly defining the significance of this animal in our culture.

In the wild

Though far from being extinct, the gentle and quick deer has been a staple of hunting all throughout history. From the cavemen of the Paleolithic Era to the modern deer hunting expeditions held all over the world, these animals have been highly prized for many of their physical attributes. The skin of the young male deer, called buckskin, is soft and supple and serves as a kind of leather for many garments. The antlers are used to make the handles of knives and often serve as a trophy for the hunters of this creature. Even the meat of the deer is treasured in fine dining establishments all over the world. These stags canvas prints exist not only to adorn your homes but as a gentle reminder to all of humanity to be prudent and conscientious with the hunting of this animal. As has been the case with many species, the proliferate hunting of their kind could still lead to its extinction. Stags canvas prints wish to raise awareness for the protection of all species of deer throughout the world. So hurry and be a part of the rescue and preservation of this animal by grabbing your own collection of stags canvas prints.
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